How to prevent female molly fish from eating its own baby fry. Saving as much as possible molly fry

heater should be used if outside temp is below 74f/24c

[ADAview] Cradle of Life 生命のゆりかご – W120cm Aquarium Layout-

I created this aquascape after being inspired by a composition material, driftwood. I imagined how Rasbora kalochroma swim when looking at the cool image of the old and decayed driftwood and decided on the composition by connecting images of Southeast Asia to Lagenandra. ――Fallen trees and driftwood decay over time and eventually become earth. The […]


Hi, im Carl the Landscape Guy, In this video I want to show you how a natural pond that I built has developed so far. Today, priority is given to the fish stock, part of which are koi. I already made several videos about the pond, which can be found on my channel or by […]


Come on that’s over here. What? they caught a fish!? Welcome back kops, my name is Kwebbelkop, and today we are playing Tasty Blue which is a very cool game. It works kinda similar to- it Gary Owen and slither but we are a fish KOPS We are a fish and we have to eat […]

[ADAview] The vitality of Ryumon Sugi 龍門杉の生命力 -120cm Aquarium Layout-

Staff: Do we put moss entirely? No… Some on the tips, and around the water surface would be fine. Staff: How about the base of the driftwood? The base… Because it will be blended with Lilaeopsis novae-zalandiae at the very base, I really want to put some moss for the front…. Staff: How about the […]

Orange: Underrated Color in Menswear & How To Wear & Combine It With Classic Men’s Clothing

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette. In today’s video, we discuss the color orange, how you can use it your outfits to make the most out of it and look dapper. Recently, we discussed another very underrated color in men’s wear which was green. You can check out the the in-depth video here. Today, we […]

Cooking Tips : How to Pick Catfish Fillets

To select catfish fillets, you want to find fillets that have a nice white color to them. When you touch them they should be firm to the touch, and should not have any kind of off odor or smell. The texture should be nice and firm; it should not be mushy in any location. And […]

How To Make A Fishing Game

Gone fishing…. not working…. Sam, are you singing about fishing? Or am I just hearing things? Perhaps, fishing. Perhaps, singing. Or perhaps not… What are these pictures? I found them in some old box. And the memories came flooding in… Just imagine: smooth water surface… intense look… waiting… Suddenly the hook starts jumping… And you […]

How to Keep Mollies: Beginner Aquarium Fish, Species Sunday

What”s up fish tank people?, bringing it to you on a Sunday, how is everybody doing today? Hope you had an awesome week, I know I did. Wrapped up February with a real good style. Did the FREE Iron Friday, a lot of people were loving that, I am excited about that, great […]