Origami cute Turtle

this is Tavin’s Turtle, I mad eit up myself it makes good use of the paper, it get’s this big with a sheet the size of the blue one in the bakcground it’s an intermdiate/low-intermediate model, because there are some guess-folds but I’m sure a beginner can do it, if he really tries I hope […]

Preparing Grouper, Stone Crab, & Oysters : Cutting Out Grouper Cheeks

In this clip, I’m going to show you how to cut the cheeks out of the fish. The cheeks are actually the jaw muscle and there’s just a boneless hunk of beautiful meat in here and it’s located just above the mouth. The cheek of the fish is located just above the mouth and just […]

Choosing a Fish Tank : Adding Water to Fish Tanks

Okay we’ve got our water in the tank. I’m going to add this final bucket here and some considerations for water is if you’ve thought ahead it’s a good idea to set your water out for maybe twenty-four hours because, that will give the chlorine the time to evaporate. If you’re like me you don’t […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : Putting Food in Fish Tanks

Ok. Now we’re getting to the fun part of having a tank and that’s feeding of the fish. The fish have to eat, however, I think the, a very common thing that people do is, is they forget that fish are cold blooded, they just simply don’t need the amount of food that we’d like […]

Turtle Safe (April 2011)

Woof, woof, woof. Dum dee doo, da dum dee da. Hi children. I’m Stan. Do you know what to do when an earthquake happens? Woof! Well, listen I’ll tell you. If the earth begins to shake, what do we do for safety’s sake? Get under a table and hold on tight. And everything will be […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Turtle House

How to make a Turtle House Hello again! Here’s what you’re gonna need! Here’s what you’re gonna need! I’ve decided to go with a tropical theme! Of course, it needs a beach and some water. It was difficult to come up with a design where you could see the turtles swimming around. : ] But […]


Bonjour and good morning I am in Lausanne Lausanne is in switzerland ner lake genf. I am in the hotel AQUATIS and in the back is the AQUATIS vivarium this is the biggest fresh water aquarium in eurpe with aprx. 2million liter. Actually I have been here last year already But the cool thing is, […]

How to Blanch Food for your Snails and Fish

Okay. So, you want to feed your snails and fish something a little bit more natural in their diet, especially your snails and other invertebrates, things like zucchini, cucumber, carrots, remaining lettuce, stuff like that. High in calcium and, you know, just in general good veggies. And one of the popular ones are zucchini but […]

Choosing a Fish Tank : Adding Fish to a Fish Tank

O.k. Main, main thing with any part of setting up a tank is conservative. I’m not conservative. But we want to be conservative in how we do all these things. In transporting the fish to your tank, think conservative. You don’t want to just get the fish, obviously, and just dump them in there. A […]

Turtle Method for Multiplication 4th Grade Math

Oh okay hello today I’m going to show you a method that I have taught my fourth graders it is called the turtle method it is a method for multiplying two digit numbers times two-digit numbers let’s choose a number let’s say we have 37 times 25 the first thing we’ll do is draw a […]