Streamers for Trout | How To Use Them

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the Orvis Guide to Flyfishing. This episode, it’s all about streamer fishing. Streamers are a great technique for anglers because it’s an effective way to search out aggressive trout and other species. Streamers are especially appealing to flyfishers looking to catch big fish, bigger trout eat big prey. And […]

Basics of Stillwater Fly Fishing for Trout

– [Tom Voiceover] Welcome everybody to the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing, I’m your host Tom Rosenbauer. Joining us today is my friend and guest co-host Phil Rowley. Phil is one of the most recognized still water fly fishers in North America. He spent over 25 years developing and refining his still water fly fishing […]

River Brook Trout & Landlocked Salmon

welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher I’m your host Bill Spicer on this episode we’re in western Labrador guests of Paul hasta gay at Mackenzie River Lodge our species for this week brook trout giant eastern brook trout measured in pounds not inches we’re going to use a number of different techniques for these […]

Underwater World of Trout Part Two | Feeding Lies

In Feeding Lies, we look at the many rise forms and takes In Feeding Lies, we look at the many rise forms and takes on the surface and below. The large variety of food available to trout. Trout feeding under many different water conditions. What gives them the ability to hold their position in fast […]

Small Stream Trout Tips & Techniques | Drift Outfitters

(light instrumental music) – This isn’t our normal opening. I’m in Downtown Toronto and I’m visiting Drift Outfitters. This is where our excellent trout adventure begins. I’m Bill Spicer, this is The New Fly Fisher. (light instrumental music) – In this episode I’ve traveled to Toronto in the province of Ontario to visit Drift Outfitters. […]