Last Chance Kitchen Full Episode: Fresh Seafood Mis-En-Place Challenge (Episode 4) | Bravo

– No one was eliminated from the main competition. But one of these chefs will be out for good. – I need to scale him, Chef? – Yeah, I think so. – [bleep] – Brother’s the last veteran standing, but Natalie and Kevin want to take him out. – Good thing I ran track in […]

Geoduck Is the Star of Master Sushi Chef Kotaro Kumita’s Omakase — Omakase

(upbeat music) – I say geoduck is the sweetest clam in the ocean. Irashei – [Man] Beautiful, water coming out. Oh my Goodness. – Geoduck is a long neck clam. Only live in the northwest. Today we got geoduck from Puget Sound. Geoduck has a special flavor, a very sweet, unique flavor which no other […]