Oistins Fish Fry Barbados

One of the things you’ve got to do when you come to Barbados is visit Oistins Fish Fry and Market Here you’ve got it all from arts and crafts to the freshest fish you can imagine and great local music. Oistins is a place for everybody from family and friends to come and meet up […]

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Tour! – Video Japan Guide

Welcome to Japanesquest. Today, we are visiting Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium! The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is widely considered to be the greatest aquarium in Japan and the best tourist spot in Okinawa. It is located on the Motobu Peninsula, on the north of the main Island of the Okinawa prefecture. There are 77 tanks in the […]

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Tour! | Video Japan Guide

Welcome to Japanesquest. Today, we are visiting Kaiyukan! Kaiyukan is an eight-story aquarium and has one of the largest fish tanks in the world. It is located in the west part of Osaka City, a 5-minute walk from Osakako Station. There are about 30 thousands sea creatures, representing 620 separate species. Entering Kaiyukan, you are […]

Uttarey Trout Breeding Center Fish Video – West Sikkim Beautiful Destination East Incredible India

At the trout breeding center in Uttarey This is a rainbow trout hatchery cum fry rearing unit Rainbow trout is popular in Western cuisine It has tender flesh and a mild, somewhat nutty flavor Farmed rainbow are considered one of the safest fish to eat and are noted for high levels of vitamin B and […]

Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, California

(calm music) – So San Francisco is home to some of the coolest wildlife in the ocean, but how often do we get to see them up close? I’m here at the Aquarium of the Bay to do that. (music continues) – So the Aquarium of the Bay is a local nonprofit here in San […]

The Water City | Gujo Hachiman 名水の町・郡上八幡

The Water City: Gujo Hachiman Gujo Hachiman, also known as the Water City, is a city tucked away in the mountains of Gifu prefecture. The crisp mountain water forms rivers that run through the middle of the city. Here, this water is everything. The entire drive up the mountain we saw fishermen catching ayu, which […]