Superhero Giant Play-Doh Surprise Egg Superman Batman Marvel Avengers Ninja Turtles

Jacob: Hey, Kinder Playtime friends! Mom: Welcome to day 3 of our mystery surprise opening week! Mom: Today we have a superhero play-doh egg! Jacob: Superman is Daddy’s favorite. Mom: Oh, yes he is! Mom: We also have these really cool superhero mystery boxes on the sides here. Mom: They come with some really neat […]

How to Make GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Ninja Turtles Mutagen Ooze

hey guys have you ever want to know how to make your own Ninja Turtle Ooze? well on today’s How to mikeNgary we’re going to teach you ok it’s really simple to make all you need is three ingredients first real Prell classic clean shampoo i got it at walmart available pretty much anywhere it’s […]

TOYS SHOPPING oN TOY STORE – Ninja Turtles,Transformers,Batman,Spiderman,Ben 10,Disney Cars

TOYS SHOPPING ON TOY STORE – Ninja Turtles,Transformers,Batman,Spiderman,Ben 10,Disney Cars and Disney Planes Trucks Superheroes. Hey Friends i was with my dad to find new Toys on Jumbo. There are many interesesting toys. i found a lot of disney planes,ninja turtles superheroes, spiderman hand and batman with his ultimate car. I got also Disney Cars, […]

Wolf family | Wolfoo and Ninja Turtle Robot vs Rainbow Snail

Welcome to Wolfoo’s stories Enjoy watching this new episode :)) Wolfoo and Ninja Turtle Robot vs Rainbow Snail Thank you for your coming! Please like, share and subscribe for more Wolfooooo!

#75 How to Setup Fish tank with toy | Subtitle Added | Tamil

Helloo Everyone.. Greetings… Its my Karthick Today we are going to look into the nano tank setup. so far we have seen about the tanks which contains the driftwood rocks and plants. we haven’t used any toys in our tank Here today i’ve something new to show you about fish tank toy/decorative item as i […]


hey guys welcome to show-and-tell toys all right what do we have in today’s video teenage mutant ninja turtles and we’ve got all the characters right here the main ones the main characters right so who’s this Leonardo Raphael Donatello and Michelangelo people show their nicknames or who Leo Raph Donnie and Mikey from the […]

New Giant Box Ninja Turtle Toys Out Of The Shadows, Megabloks, Technodrome Unboxing Surprise Top 10

Wow guys today we have a huge box of New Giant Box Ninja Turtle Surprise Toys Out Of The Shadows, Megabloks, Technodrome Unboxing Top 10 most of these are from the other the shadows movie I got pretty much every toy accept their headquarters that was a little bit too big for me I mean […]


The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish (MUSIC) Once upon a time, there lived an old couple in an old wooden hut by the sea. The old man went fishing every day, while his wife washed clothes at home. One day, after a whole day’s hard work, the fisherman had only caught one little […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Super Sewer HQ Leonardo Raphael Michelangelo Don

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) It’s Ninja Turtles with Kinder Playtime. Today we’re opening the Super Sewer HQ with Mikey and Splinter. We’re also opening up some action figures to go with it. We’ve got Shredder and a foot soldier. Splinter and April. And over here we have Rafael and his motorcycle and Donatello and his […]

How To Make A Fishing Game

Gone fishing…. not working…. Sam, are you singing about fishing? Or am I just hearing things? Perhaps, fishing. Perhaps, singing. Or perhaps not… What are these pictures? I found them in some old box. And the memories came flooding in… Just imagine: smooth water surface… intense look… waiting… Suddenly the hook starts jumping… And you […]