MOSASAURUS VS SHARK!! Robotime Robot Vs King Kong Skull Island Jurassic World Dino Battles

are you looking for a shark to battle your Moses or add or robot to battle MOSASAURUS VS SHARK!! Robotime Robot Vs King Kong Skull Island Jurassic World Dino Battles look no further than ruble time modern 3d wooden puzzles these things aren’t totally awesome the ones we have here are Orpheus you can see […]

Fun Sea Animals Toys For Kids in the Playmobil Aquarium Playset – Let’s Learn Wild Animal Names

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I’m going to show you some sea animal toys Okay, let’s get started! Here comes the truck bringing some animal figures Here they are Here’s a Safari Ltd. Megamouth shark Oh, it has a huge mouth! Now let’s put the shark in the water It’s swimming Next, […]

Toy Sea Animals in the Aquarium Playset For Kids – Fun Learning Video

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I’m going to show you some toy sea animals Okay let’s get started! Here’s a sea horse A leafy sea dragon… Starfish Eagle Ray Octopus Swordfish Lobster Here’s a crab Here’s a hammerhead shark Humpback whale Beluga whale Great while shark Dolphin Here’s a baby dolphin Orca […]

Toysee Learns Wild Animals Names – Colors and Fun Animal Toys

Yellow duck a pink flamingo orange clownfish seahorse seal pink starfish a green sea turtle yellow baby shark green frog blue dolphin the grey Hammerhead shark black and white Panda bear orange goldfish brown tortoise pink white and yellow cow pink pufferfish baby giraffe brown monkey yellow and green colors parrot starfish color orange it’s […]

Megalodon Shark Toy Goes Crazy and Eats all the Candy! “Shark and Barracuda Toy”

Are you guys hungry? I’ll see what we got. Hmmm… Some M&M’s for you And spinach for you. What you don’t want the spinach? Well you’re on a diet cause you’re fat, so that’s what you’re having for dinner I’ll be back in a little bit you better go eat your dinner *chewing noises* *more […]

Killer Bees the Second Swarm! Jaws Shark and Cole get Chased by Bee Swarm.

Hi jaws! Do you wanna go play outside with me? let’s go! do you wanna ride bikes? I bet you can’t catch me! Buzzing What is the noise Jaws? I gonna beat you again! We gone! get on my bike! AHHHH! We just shook the car! Whoo… that was a close one! i think they […]

Who’s Baby Shark’s Mommy? | Sea Animals for Kids | Great White Shark, Whale Shark, Hammerhead Shark

Hello guys~ I’m Kiwan, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Wait, do you guys know what species the baby shark is? Well, today let’s draw 4 major species of sharks and get to know about them! Let’s get started! Wow a very sharp and pointy snout and […]

DON’T GET CAUGHT!! Adley reviews Shark Bite pool toy with Mom (mystery guest)

How to Kill a Catfish for Food Preparation Using Nunchaku (Nunchucks)

Man Steve we caught a nice fish on that thing today! Yeah that’s a monster, Um what are we gonna do with him are we gonna kill him and eat him or what? Oh yeah for sure but I think you should take your nunchucks and kill him because my idea of killing him humanely […]

Aquarium Action – A Lego Stop Motion

Come to the Lego Aquarium to get a behind-the-scenes job! We would like and behind-the-scenes job. Alright! We have a shark to add to the tank. *water splashing* We got the shark in the tank! *water splashing* We have a tank in the back. Where is it? Follow me! *lots of screaming* *water splashing* *water […]