Life Through the Eyes of a Sea Turtle

(chill music) – [Wes] This video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose kick-started a global movement to save the ocean. – This is arguably the most famous straw in the world. – Yeah. Now, four years later, the scientist who removed that straw is onto something he thinks could […]

Meet The Team Protecting Costa Rica’s Sea Turtle Mecca

– [Narrator] Our journey takes us to Costa Rica, more specifically, Tortuguero, to witness the yearly hatching of baby sea turtles, and meet the people protecting them. We arrive by way of La Pavona, a small port town with one restaurant and a pay toilet. Our boat operator, Jairo Guzman, takes us down the Lucky […]

An Eel To Never Feel | The Aquatic World With Philippe Cousteau, S2 EP 7

– Where is it? – I put it over there. – By the couch? – Yeah. – Oh. An electric eel, magnificent. Our submarine is docked here, in the Amazon River. – We could have gone to the Orinoco River but our dear Desiree wouldn’t fit. This is the only other place in the world […]