Can Child Obesity Be Fought with Fish Oil?

it is no secret out there that fish with its omega-3 fatty acids can boost your heart health well now there’s a new study suggesting that fish oil supplements when given to your baby may help prevent obesity and insulin resistance in your child as they grow up this was a study done in Australia […]

Common Antibiotics with a Dangerous Side Effect?

over 154 million prescriptions for antibiotics are written in the u.s. each year with many of them potentially saving lives but in recent years one of the most commonly prescribed groups of antibiotics has come under fire with claims people have suffered sometimes catastrophic injury after taking them fluoroquinolones are a class of antibiotics that […]

Self-Medicating with Fish Antibiotics?

antibiotics can be life-saving or they can be detrimental so don’t start taking fish antibiotics that’s what a lot of people are doing they’re taking fish antibiotics as a cheap way to try and cure what ails them without ever seeing any health care provider don’t take the bait though because this could land you […]