Black Women in Pageants, a Penis Fish Invasion & White Power at a Football Game | The Daily Show

Let’s kick it off with some exciting news from the world of black girl magic. History being made after the new Miss World crowned over the weekend. Watch this. Miss World 2019 is… -(drumroll) -(cheering) -…Jamaica! -(screaming) -(applause, cheering) MAN: Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica won the top honor at the Miss World contest on Saturday. […]

Eric the Eel – Uncensored: The Daily Show

(drum roll) (majestic band melody) – My favorite moment has gotta be Kerri Strug landing that vault with a broken foot. – I just remember being a kid and watching the Dream Team and seeing Larry Bird play with Magic and Jordan, just thinking if I got good at basketball, I could have some black […]