[Korean Food] Noryangjin fish market 노량진 킹크랩 [English sub]

No matter where you depart from, get off at Noryanjin Station and find exit no. 7, where you can find the fish market. Follow me. Yes we have arrived at Noryangjin Fish Market. How about we settle at 150,000 won and you give us some extra seafoods for free? like shrimp? You can ask for […]

Swimming with Whale Sharks: The Biggest Fish in the Sea

So we’re here in Cancun, Mexico ready to head out on the boat and go swim with whale sharks. I hope we see lots of them, I’m ready for it. We’re here! When they say go go go, jump now, don’t hesitate because you’ll miss them, they swim fast. Going in, good to go, Whale […]

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Tour! – Video Japan Guide

Welcome to Japanesquest. Today, we are visiting Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium! The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is widely considered to be the greatest aquarium in Japan and the best tourist spot in Okinawa. It is located on the Motobu Peninsula, on the north of the main Island of the Okinawa prefecture. There are 77 tanks in the […]


Today we are going to WICKLOW Mountains We have booked a travel package From here we are heading to city center to catch the tour bus Today is 26th January Republic Day in INDIA Its 9.00 AM now Here there is a flag hoisting ceremony in INDIAN Embassy, dublin Was planning to participate in that […]

Liverpool: “Beatles and Pandeiro” ft. Milena Sá & Jo Herring (Part 1) [Subtitled]

Sometimes I wonder where music can take me in the world Because for me Music Es Un Voyage My first stop in England was in Liverpool where I met Joe a composer whose inspiration to become a musician came from this musical city Like many other visitors to Liverpool I went in quest of the […]

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Give the Gift of International Travel

[APPLAUSE] Welcome back to Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways. I am here with Jennifer Aniston. By the way, if you’re not watching Jen’s show, The Morning Show, it’s on Apple TV+. You’re missing out. That is such a great show. [APPLAUSE] Thank you, honey. I’m so happy. Everyone’s talking about it. It’s doing so well. […]

Big Trout in hidden lake

Big one in the other end…. Yes!! Today I am in Fyresdal soon at a small lake with big trout! My father is here, nice with some company…. and a rumor tells me that an uncle also might be expected…we shall see Now we are are soon here, and will make a nice camp The […]

Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 1/3)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUNDS OF AMAZON] HAMILTON MORRIS: Hello. I’m Hamilton Morris. We’re currently boating through flooded forests on our way to meet the Mayoruna Indians, a formerly cannibalistic tribe who use a strange frog derived drug they call sapo. They use it to give themselves energy before hunting. They use it to abort pregnancies by […]