Catch And Cook Cutthroat Trout Day 10 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

First Fishing Video! Fishing for Trout

What’s up guys! I’m so excited today! It’s a beautiful day and getting to do my first fishing video! A couple days ago they restocked some trout in this river close to my home and so I’ve only caught one trout in my life. I am hopefully gonna be able to change that and be […]

Small stream autumn trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #5

[Skip 2 minutes, if you want to go straight to the action] Hello dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome, welcome to this magnificent autumn morning! Sorry. Morning… It’s an evening! The sun as you can see is not high, it’s setting. This evening is special because it’s the last evening of the trout fishing season […]

The Stream, the Trout and Some Bird Cherries. Uncut Fishing #13

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing. And today I’m using my favorite Mepps Aglia TW copper colored number 3 spinner in this shallow, dark stream. And obviously we are looking for trout. Surprise, surprise! 😉 It’s mid september, pretty late in the afternoon. That’s the first time I got out fishing […]

Sleepy August Trout. Uncut Fishing #14

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing and today I’m fighting this pretty sizeable stream, or river. And the day has been really slow, actually. Right now it’s about two o’clock I reckon. I had some activity but mostly small fish and most of the takes are actually very slow. Oh, there […]

Trout Fishing in Current River (Jason) (watch with subtitles on)

in this episode of blue collar anglers I’m going to be fishing in Montauk State Park in current River in Missouri NOT Tennessee and I’m going to be fishing for rainbow trout most of the time I used salmon eggs and part of the time I used a small white jig both worked fairly well […]

Catching Splake Trout and Big Brook Trout in a Mountain Lake (Rocky Mountains, Colorado)

Welcome to hardman fishing adventures Alright what’s up guys? I am out here in beautiful Colorado up at a lake on top of a mountain and Rocky Mountains, I am at about 12,500 feet in elevation or something like that. So it’s a lot higher than West, Virginia But um i’ma got here and I’m […]

Small Stream Trout Spin Fishing in 5 Acts. Uncut Fishing #25

[Act 1. I Test the Net and the Future Seems Bright] Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut Fishing and, well, I just got to this stream, this is the hole that I was actually expecting to hit, and immediately there’s a fish in it. We’ll see if we can get it out […]

Fly Fishing Pink Trout At Secret Glacier Lake Day 7 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Fishing for Trout with Savage Gear Crucian / Pesca á Truta com Savage Gear Crucian

welcome to another fishing video This year I will do many collaborations I go fishing in many different places with many different techniques And my goal is to cover as much as possible the savage gear lures I am fishing with Black Savage 5-20 Rod Okuma RTX 25 reel Two videos ago I tried to […]