Where The Big Fish Rises, Part II Bosnia, Fly fishing small streams big brown trout dry fly

What do you think about the week with us I survived Thats the most important thing A lot of fishing Very few hours of sleeping And casting casting casting casting casting Any normal guy wouldn’t survive 14 hours of fishing a day. From five a clock in the morning until nine a clock in the […]

Domowy przepis, Jak upiec pstrąga ? cytrynowo-tymiankowy pstrąg, Lemon & thyme trout

Hi I’ll show you how to prepare lemon & thyme trout I’ve got a little helper Hi Madzia half a lemon cut into slices setting the oven to 220 degrees Celsius chop the garlic clove dice the thyme salt and pepper I am putting the lemon, garlic and thyme inside the trout smear with olive […]

Intense Fish: Kayak Fishing 15 Cutthroat Trout in a Hour from a Mountain Lake

(Laughing) Oh yeah, I caught him right here! (Laughing) Fish on! (Laughing) Dude, again! On July 30th we decided to get up early and get out on the water with our kayaks before the sun came up. A lot of the locals say that Hyalite Reservoir is lousy fishing but we wanted to prove that […]

Trout Fishing Session [Unseen] ► All 4 Adventure TV

Bottom you thinking? No he’s got a fish, a reef fish has come up on you. Cheeky little fish. Cheeky little reef fish. There we go. Catching coral trout on the troll. Nice little trout, they are good eating that size. Coral trout on the reef. Just doing a little troll at the moment, picked […]

How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Spacey & the Game Angling Consultancy – 1

This is a series of fly fishing programs made especially for the internet. [Collin’s] a newbie. I’ve been around a few years. We’re going to show you the very best of fly fishing that Britain’s got to offer. This is my setup for this. It’s a typical setup, my favorite. It’s a Hardy Zenith, centrics […]

My Favorite way to COOK Trout

Hey Guys! We are going to show, I am going to show you how to cook a trout. Um…This one I caught earlier today, uh out in the snow, and it was the only one I caught uh next time there will be more. Uh.. But I want to cook it up and eat it […]