Tight lines in Lapland The trip has finally begun and the weather has been nice so far Good paddling! Should we go left or right? Let’s go from the middle! I guess we were a bit wrong with the flood forecast The spring flood might be gone on this river section Plan B! I had […]


Hello, welcome to my channel, I am Mauro Ink and today we will be watching a video that is more than interesting. We will be watching a video that will talk about the Trout Life Cycle This fish is so interesting to fish and especially with fly, in all that is Argentina. This is also […]

Walter Trout – She Takes More Than She Gives (feat. John Mayall)

* Red Grey Matter Only for watching, listening and streaming. Downloading copying, sharing and making available is strictly prohibited. Walter Trout (born March 6, 1951, Ocean City, New Jersey, United States is an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. Trout’s career began on the Jersey coast scene of the late 1960s and early 1970s. In […]

Angling for Herring in Randers Fjord – Status, Spring 2016/ Djursland/ Denmark

Randers Fjord in Denmark, April 25th. Fishing for Herring by Voer, Kanaløen (the channel island) One of the classical herring spots in Randers Fjord. It should be right in the middle of the season now, from the middle of April and the next one and a half months, but I haven’t really heard anything on […]


We went just by a local fishing store, and they gave me a fishing permit. So we can go out fishing! Furthermore, they had a small fishing department but that was it. We are heading outside to go fishing. OK! So, its around 12 O’clock, Euhm, the wind is blowing pretty fast… As I said, […]

Rod-Fishing Herring in Randers Fjord/ Denmark

Herring and Randers Fjord (Denmark) what do you say about that? It’s a crowd-puller, without comparison, when the herring come in to Randers Fjord to spawn, When is that? It’s in April. March – April, depending on the water temperature. Herring prefer not to spawn before the water temperature is around 11 degrees centigrade. Here […]

New PB trout – Nuevo record corvina

we’ll see here we are going to catch the sweetie here it is, it looks like a jack looks like a jack is a little jack trout what a nice trout very nice trout and we went to the pier nice belly flop sweetie I caught a sweetie a little snook “you eat delicious” It […]

Oregon Fishing Club – Fly Fishing for Trout

Oregon Fishing Club offers members access to 37 exclusive bodies of water, as well as helpful tips for fly fishing for trout. For example, trout frequent areas of deep water and converging currents, as well as water near rocks or overhanging trees. Keep an eye out for insects on the water’s surface, because trout can […]

Fishing Denmark/ Herring/ Randers Fjord/ Djursland

We are on the way down to, Voer, Randers Fjord, in Denmark, to see if there are any herring to be caught. Just rround the corner is the Fjord Center, a visiting center where one can hire a boat, and where there are exhibitions about the Fjord. Amongst other things. I have been here today […]

Kalastusvaellus meloen Nuorttijoella – Upea kanjonijoki Itä-Lapissa [ENG SUB]

Paddling Adventure on Nuortti River At this point of the trip, our minds are still humble the canoe is still dry and men are still hungry We have been on bigger rivers This is like stand up paddling, next year we’ll take the boards Our trip has started We began canoeing from the beginning of […]