Hello, welcome to my channel, I am Mauro Ink and today we will be watching a video that is more than interesting. We will be watching a video that will talk about the Trout Life Cycle This fish is so interesting to fish and especially with fly, in all that is Argentina. This is also […]

Trucha: Eating grilled trout in Copacabana, Bolivia

So there is one meal that you absolutely must try when you visit Copacabana and that is rainbow trout fished straight out of Lake Titicaca over there. So you could choose an ordinary restaurant to have trout but where are we instead? Yeah, we’re along the boardwalk and there are a gazillion restaurants literally lined […]

Bow River Trout – Fish Tales Fly Shop

(majestic music) – That’s it. Give him the header. – [Colin] He’s got some pink to him. Just beautiful. Welcome everybody to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Colin McKeown. In today’s show, we’re in beautiful Alberta. In fact the Bow River’s right behind me, one of the top trout rivers in North America. […]

FLY TV – Mountain Brownies – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout

Hi, I am Niklaus Bauer. – And I am Daniel Bergman. And I am Ulf Johansson. You are watching FlyTV and today we are doing this: Welcome back to FlyTV. Today we are standing here on a helicopter platform. We are waiting for the helicopter to take us far out there. We are here together […]