The Incredible Tech Inside California’s Most Famous Aquarium (360 Video)

Hey everybody thanks for tuning in to Dnews today I’m Trace I’m here at Lands End at the very edge of San Francisco and it’s a beautiful place to come and see whales breaching or watch seals but if you want to see wildlife up close you have to go a hundred and twenty miles […]

KIDS VISIT THE AQUARIUM! Fun Day With Sharks, Jellyfish, Turtles, Fish And Other Sea Creatures!

Wow this one is fast! Shark! Two Sharks! Ooh Fishy. Look, right there, a seahorse! Look at that one, here he comes! There is the seahorse. I think he is going to see his family. You think he’s going to his family? Ya. Yup, he is going to see his family. That is cool. What […]

“We are chasing the last of the big fish” | Interview with fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly

The way we interact with the ocean, and with the world, is insane because we behave as if we had another planet, and we don’t. My name is Daniel Pauly, I’m a professor of fisheries at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I think the biggest change in the ocean has happened already, […]


It’s a cold January day in Massachusetts. The ocean here around Cape Cod is in the low 40’s and a strong wind is howling off the water. But the wind is a blessing. Stranded on the sand is a juvenile Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle. This little guy is barely clinging to life. He would have […]