JAR FULL OF FISH for Slime Sam

Nope… Perhaps this one will do… Not it either.. This one? Oh, Sammy, these are very beautiful pictures of fish! I’m rather happy you like these pictures. Because quite soon we’ll have a couple of these fish at home. Er… what? How? Well, I’m planning to get a fish bowl with the most beautiful fish. […]

How To: DIY Inline Aquarium Heater for under $20

Are you tired of clutter in your aquarium? Do you hate looking at that heater behind your fish? Today I’ll tell you how I solved that exact problem. That’s coming up. So the way that I keep my heater out of my main aquarium is by plumbing it inline with my canister filter. So to […]

Simple 1.14.4 Automatic XP Farm/Bank (UNLIMITED XP!)

Experience farms in Minecraft are some of the best type of grinder because getting levels is the only good way that you get good enchantments on your armor. But a lot of times the best XP farms are very late game that use Enderman as their XP source. With this farm you don’t need to […]

instalación acuario invertido central 360° grados | open bottom fish tank ● @todoinventostv #4

AHORA VEREMOS COMO INSTALAR UN ACUARIO INVERTIDO CENTRAL la base o mueble, debe ser bien firme para que sea seguro el montaje añadimos las piedras ahora ponemos la urna invertida la cual debe tener dos paredes largas y dos cortas para dar paso a los peces cuando el nivel del agua supere el nivel de […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Aquarium

How to make an Aquarium Hello again! Today we build a basic aquarium! Once you have this, you ca customize it into any aquarium! You might want to use glass blocks, I prefer glass panes. They add depth wall of the aquarium. We are almost done with the base! I briefly cover customization in the […]

How To Clean Cooking Oil Stains From Clothes

How to remove cooking oil from clothes. Hello and welcome to Videojug. Bea Knapp, who has worked as a lady’s maid for many years, is going to show us how to remove cooking oil from clothes. Step one. You will need washing up liquid, a bowl, an old toothbrush, and some laundry detergent. Step two. […]

Fish Sauce Wings (3-Ingredient Recipe!) | Thai Recipes ปีกไก่ทอดนำ้ปลา

Sawaddee ka, welcome to hot Thai kitchen today I will show you how to make fish sauce fried chicken wings but first here’s the story my brother texted me a while back saying I got chicken wings what should I make that’s quick and simple and very quickly I said why don’t you make “peek […]


hey guys this is Jackie or nerdy crafter now I’m no marine biologist but that doesn’t stop me from admiring the deep sea although I do really get seasick I can’t be on a boat without getting really really nauseous so being on a cruise is definitely not an option and another thing about the […]

DIY MINIATURE FISH TANK Polymer Clay & Resin Tutorial Angler Fish How to make a fish tank aquarium

Hey Guys this is Jackie your NerdECrafter Before we begin I wanted to let you know that next weeks video will be out at midnight Because it’s a special colaboration for “Rogue One” Now I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder But anglerfish… Whether or not you find this fish cute or […]

TUTORIAL: Pressure Canning Fish for Beginners (step-by-step)

Hey hey So today is going to be my fish canning day. And I just wanted to show you my setup. So this is my prep station. Right here, I’ve got a cutting board and this is all the fish that I’m going to can. So I’ve got two nice sized filets of fresh salmon […]