Part 1: Sphere Tutorial for the Turtle Lanyard, Boondoggle, Scoubidou

Hey, guys. So today I’m going to be showing you how to make, or do the sphere stitch which is required in order to make the turtle or the octopus. So let’s jump right into it. What we are going to need are 8 pieces of string that are about 30 inches to 36 inches […]

Turtle’s Flute: Learn Italian with subtitles – Story for Children “”

Turtle’s Flute A Brazilian folktale Once upon a time, on the banks of a river, Turtle played her flute. When Turtle played, When Turtle played, When Turtle played, lions, elephants, butterflies, snakes and monkeys danced to Turtle’s music. One day, a man heard Turtle’s music. “Ahh,” he thought. “That must be Turtle making music. Turtle […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Welcome to the video of aquatic plants! This is the second plant tutorial episode on Green Aqua, and let me start by reading you a comment! “So many words, I don’t understand! I guess I need a plants for dummies video.” There you go! This is the “Plants […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Turtle House

How to make a Turtle House Hello again! Here’s what you’re gonna need! Here’s what you’re gonna need! I’ve decided to go with a tropical theme! Of course, it needs a beach and some water. It was difficult to come up with a design where you could see the turtles swimming around. : ] But […]

Aquascaping Lab – Harlequin Rasbora Trigonostigma Heteromorpha fish description / pesce Arlecchino

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Trigonostigma Heteromorpha commoly called Harlequin Rasbora fish It ‘a freshwater fish, it belongs to the family of cyprinids (Cyprinidae) and comes from parts of Asia, Sumatra and Malacca It has a tall body and stocky, light gray or pink with a black […]

Best value nano tank All Pond Solutions FW-29 Aquarium Review and Overview

Hey YouTube in today’s video I’m going to take you through the All Pond Solutions FW-29 fish tank which is a small fish tank they supply that comes complete with filtration and lighting and at the moment with a 10% discount you can get it all in for £36 pounds that includes free delivery and […]

Tutoriel 20 : Le poisson en ballon

Hello! Today, I’m going to teach you how to make an adorable little fish. You’ll need two balloons. I’ve chosen an orange modeling balloon to make the body of the fish, but you could use red, or any other color you like, and a little white round balloon to make the eyes! To start, we’re […]

Turtle Method for Multiplication 4th Grade Math

Oh okay hello today I’m going to show you a method that I have taught my fourth graders it is called the turtle method it is a method for multiplying two digit numbers times two-digit numbers let’s choose a number let’s say we have 37 times 25 the first thing we’ll do is draw a […]


Hi, im Carl the Landscape Guy, In this video I want to show you how a natural pond that I built has developed so far. Today, priority is given to the fish stock, part of which are koi. I already made several videos about the pond, which can be found on my channel or by […]