During the renovations one of the tanks that we moved fish from was a wall from over here to over here I took a couple logs popped them in the tank and tossed in a Piece of or at least a mat of java fur and they quickly ate the java fern then I mentioned […]


So a video you guys wanted to see was a feeding video when I decided we’re gonna feed all of the fish however We’re just gonna be feeding them what they are going to eat today I feed a very diet and it varies from day to day, and we’re gonna talk about that I […]


Over the last few months We’ve set up any number of aquariums out here in the aquarium gallery and every time I set up a new aquarium I state that this is now my new favorite aquarium now that we’ve had them set up for quite a while now though What is my favorite fish,(pls […]


Geçen günlerde 450 litrelik uaru akvaryumuma değişiklikler yaptığımı gördünüz Aslında manzanita dallarını çıkararak uaru’lara daha fazla alan açarak biraz daha büyümelerini sağladım Gördüğünüz gibi dalları kaldırdığım zaman geçen videoda gördüğünüz serbest duran odunları koydum Sizlere Uarularla ilgili tür profilide yapmak istediğimden bahsetmiştim ve sizlere dürüst olacak olursam bunu yapmak üzereyken bu akvaryumu o kadar çok […]

My TOP 5 aquarium fish!!!

so today I wanna talk about my top 5 favourite acuarium fish and some very intresting details about them but first some really exciting news the ultimate DIY Handbook with the DIY aquarist is now shipping internationally it would ship anywhere in the world with free shipping included now I´m not shure how long I´m […]

HOW TO Start an aquarium in 8 ways

You know what’s really crazy is just nine months ago This building used to be my old garage and since then we’ve accomplished so much including starting up so many new Aquariums and it kind of inspired me to show you guys eight different ways You can start up your aquarium now when I say […]

HOW TO: Build an Aquarium Stand/Canopy 1/3

Hi, everybody Joey here again and welcome back so today, I’m going to be showing you how to build an aquarium stand a do-it-yourself aquarium stand Now there’s several reasons. Why you might [want] to build an aquarium stand and the top three reasons in my opinion are the following? Number one reason is always […]

HOW TO medicate sick aquarium fish – Cure for ICH

regardless of the backlash or what people think of me I share every aspect of my hobby from fish dying to trials and tribulations within it and this has encouraged many others to do so as well but I think everything is a learning experience and it’s always humbling as well today’s video isn’t going […]