Nasi Goreng Seafood | Resep #346

Hi! I’m Alvin Maulana, back again with me on Masak. TV Thank you for those who have subscribed to Masak.TV’s Youtube channel and don’t forget to follow all of Masak.TV’s social medias Today I want to make a seafood fried rice This fried rice is very delicious, it has a lot of seafood and it’s […]

Resep Jjampong, mie seafood pedas korea

jjampong recipe for 4 servings making the broth 2 sheets of 3 x 3 cm kelp /dashima / konbu 1 small onion, chopped 1-2 Tbsp anchovies about 7-10 anchovies 5 cup (1250 ml) water 2 dried shiitake mushrooms boil all ingredients using medium heat for 20 minutes then reduce the heat, keep boiling for 20 […]