YOSHINOYA JAPAN | Beef Bowl + Unagi (Eel) Bowl for dinner! | LEGIN TV

Welcome again to our new episode, here at LeGin TV today, we will eat here at …. what place is this again? ha? YOSHINOYA this restaurant is nearby our apartment so we went here for dinner there’s also Yoshinoya in Manila, just sharing now we will try the authentic Japanese version we don’t have any […]

Melissa Japan Vlog – Day 6 – Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park & Museum

[Music] [Music] there are sushi shop everywhere this is heaven for you Cecille over the furthest salt are suppressed tasteful various kind of fish himself [Music] they also saw various process seafood [Music] look at the strawberry and it’s by it [Music] they also have white strawberry but look at the price it’s all expenses […]