Japanese eels (Unagi) on endangered list, culinary delicacy under seige

Japanese eels have now been classified as “endangered” owing to habitat loss, overfishing and other factors. The freshwater eels, which are also called Unagi, were added to the International Endangered Species list in an apparent move to speed up industrial farming of the species. Japan is the largest consumer of eels, where they are commonly […]

YOSHINOYA JAPAN | Beef Bowl + Unagi (Eel) Bowl for dinner! | LEGIN TV

Welcome again to our new episode, here at LeGin TV today, we will eat here at …. what place is this again? ha? YOSHINOYA this restaurant is nearby our apartment so we went here for dinner there’s also Yoshinoya in Manila, just sharing now we will try the authentic Japanese version we don’t have any […]

Unagi, AKA GRILLED EEL! The only food you absolutely MUST eat in Tokyo.

Hello, i am HANAE from Tokyo top five percent restaurants guide, I’m so happy to be Japanese because we can eat the best unagi in the world. A hundred percent of travelers who eat Japanese domestic UNAGI say they want to eat again. Today we’re gonna tell you about a very popular japanese soul food, […]

鰻師の蒲焼 山田水産株式会社

I’m home. Welcome back You came back early today. Yeah, sometimes it’s good You seem tired recently. Btw, do you know what today is?? What is it? Tadaaaa Today is the midsummer day of the ox! (People eat eel on this day in Japan.) This is the Kabayaki you used to make. We used to […]

The best Unagi (EEL) restaurant In Narita, Japan. I will show you around Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Hi. Welcome to my channel. I’m Azumi I’m actually in Japan now and am in front of Narita station. Today I’m gonna show you around Narita-san Shinshoji Temple. It’s really easy to get to. It’s just one station away from the international airport. It’s one of my favorite temples It’s kind of interesting but A […]

Shake Shack Eel Burger Taste Test

Japanese UNAGI EEL Restaurant in TOKYO | Roppongi, Tokyo [4K]

[Victor] Hey everybody, welcome back to Yummy Japan and today we are out here in Roppongi. [Charles] Yes we are a few minutes away from Roppongi crossing and why are we here today it’s because in Japan, summers are usually really really hot and like fatigue that you endure because of it it’s called “Natsubate”. […]

Our Love of Grilled Eel

I am so excited today. Martina has finally agreed to let me shoot a video on unagi. Today, we’re going to take you to one of my favorite eel places called Marushizu. And we’re gonna show you what eel is all about. Come on! LET’S DO THIS! [Chill Music] Now, working with eel is not […]