MOSASAURUS VS SHARK!! Robotime Robot Vs King Kong Skull Island Jurassic World Dino Battles

are you looking for a shark to battle your Moses or add or robot to battle MOSASAURUS VS SHARK!! Robotime Robot Vs King Kong Skull Island Jurassic World Dino Battles look no further than ruble time modern 3d wooden puzzles these things aren’t totally awesome the ones we have here are Orpheus you can see […]

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 | Încă un telefon de GAMING? | Unboxing & Review

Greetings good people and we will find you on our channel I have a tip for you to use a foil for the phone because I managed to touch the screen in a big way Sleeping uplifting live please don’t know what I did for I usually take care of phones But in any case […]

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 concept Introduction | Price specs and release date

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Aerocool Shark Blue LED 140mm Fan – Unboxing MirkoPcBlog

Today we’re going to open a aerocool shark 14cm blue edition This fan can be connected to the motherboard via two ways: power mode with the standard connection, or with its voltage reduction cable in silent mode version. When the fan will be connected in power mode will have these main features: spin to 1500 […]

What’s inside a Heated Massage Ball?

Shark Evo-One 2 motorcycle helmet unboxing |

I have here for you the new Shark Evo One 2 – it just arrived last week. It’s brand spanking new, so I can’t wait to take it out the box show you it and tell you what’s new. Well we’re gonna take it out of the box. It comes in a very nice blue […]

Baby Shark | New Singing Plush Toys Available Now!

♪ Baby Shark doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! ♪ Everyone is doing the Baby Shark! Now you can bring the fun into your home with the all new singing Pinkfong shark sound dolls from WowWee! There’s a Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, and Daddy Shark too! Just squeeze their tummy and let the fun begin! […]

Sam’s Club Has a Copycat Chick-fil-A Sandwich…and We Reviewed It! | Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

– We all love Chick-fil-A, so when we have a chance to get that flavor at home like everyday I gotta give a try. So I did this with the nuggets when Sam’s came out with kinda their version of Chick-fil-A’s chicken nuggets. They didn’t say that, but that’s what everyone knew they were doing. […]


(guitar music) – Another shipment from the airport. What do we got? Not a lot. Really hot out, didn’t wanna risk too much but, got a full bag of black ranchus. We’ll be getting those into a tank. What else did we get? Hopefully, it’s all alive. Yep, this is a bag full of espei […]

$100,000 Koi Fish Unboxing! Over 50 Boxes of Koi! Beautiful Big Koi.

(techno music) – Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-op. I’m here with Zach of I came for an unboxing, so stay tuned, it’s awesome. Let’s see it. I want to see what a koi shipment looks like. Wow, that’s no joke. – [Zach] It’s a medium size shipment. – [Cory] I want to get […]