How Do Fish Talk To Each Other?

Fish have been found singing off the coast of Australia. A belated Prince tribute, you ask? Well, no, not exactly. Hey guys, Natalia here for DNews today. The morning rooster has met its underwater match. Scientists have studied fish since the days of Aristotle, analyzing their body language and vocal behavior, but recent recordings off […]

Swimming with Whale Sharks: The Biggest Fish in the Sea

So we’re here in Cancun, Mexico ready to head out on the boat and go swim with whale sharks. I hope we see lots of them, I’m ready for it. We’re here! When they say go go go, jump now, don’t hesitate because you’ll miss them, they swim fast. Going in, good to go, Whale […]

Korda Underwater 7 FULL DVD Part 1 | Carp Fishing

If I’m looking a little bit dishevelled, it’s because I really am. I’ve just gone through the most amazing experience of my angling career. Mother Nature has thrown everything she possibly could at us. We’ve had Siberian weather even though it’s the beginning of spring. We’re at the Linear Complex in Oxford. We’re fishing St […]

Fishing in the deep: observations of a deep-sea anglerfish

This small deep-sea anglerfish, Chaunacops coloratus, was first observed at Davidson Seamount in 2002 by scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Although it was first described from a single specimen collected off Panama in 1899, we had no idea that these fish […]


The Great White Shark—one of the most feared predators in the seas. This is one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, considered by many to be a man-eater. But just how aggressive are these sharks? Join me on an expedition to investigate great white sharks. Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my […]

Artificial Gills To Breathe Underwater

An oxygen respirator that allows you to breathe underwater by utilizing the Artificial gills technology. A fully-charged battery enables 45 minutes of underwater pleasure.

Zebra Sharks (Leopard Sharks) & Nurse Sharks – Reef Life of the Andaman – Part 2

Belize Nurse Shark & Me – Aggressive or Friendly?

What’s up? Hope everybody is doing well. I spent a week diving in Belize and frequently ran into this Nurse Shark. The unique mark between his eyes helped me identify him daily. At first, the Nurse Shark was pretty shy. And it was hard to obtain nice close ups as he swam pass me. Sorry […]