Australian eel farm older than the pyramids named world heritage area

An Aboriginal aquaculture farm that is older than the pyramids, the Acropolis and Stonehenge has been awarded World Heritage Status by the United Nations  A complex system of weirs, channels and dams at Budj Bim, in southwest Victoria has become the first World Heritage site in Australia to receive the coveted UNESCO protection solely for […]

Inauguration of the “Jiyeh” Fishermen Port: Fish Market, Cooperative and Touristic Spot

UNDP renovated the fishermen port in Jiyeh we’re now in Jiyeh, there is a lot of guests behind me more than 130 fishermen benefits from this port come meet them with me and see what’s happening here today and to see the rural delights cooperative truck and to see how they sell fish on the […]

Recipes for Change: Sesame Fish with Sorrel Sauce – Chad

He is known as Africa’s culinary ambassador. Based in New York, Senegalese chef Pierre Thiam is an international advocate for West African cuisine. But here in the semi-arid Sahel region of Chad, he realised he has a lot to learn about cooking with sesame, a key ingredient of the dishes here May I taste it? […]