How to Catch the BIG Catfish

hey its Jim Mueller with the American outdoors man report Jeff Williams of is seen as one of the seen authorities catching catfish watch as he tells us some secrets to catching the big ones well jeff how we gonna be fishing today well were gonna be uh targeting some underwater ledges what i […]

Fly Fishing at one of the best Trout Rivers in the world.

[Music] world of American Angler you’re up with the sun with a fish on your line your day’s just begun the world of American Angler on lakes and on streams Now you are living the good life catch the one of your dreams [Music stinger and fade down] I’m Pat Traynor and welcome to the […]

Intense Fish: Catching Tons of Brown & Rainbow Trout Fishing the Madison River

There we go. That’s gonna be a fish I just know it. I know it. Oh yes, it was! Oh ha! There it is! Oh he’s a beast! Oh, there it is! On a very warm afternoon in late June we decided to fish the famous waters of the lower madison river just outside of […]

Intense Fish: Catching Huge Brown Trout Fishing the Gallatin River

(Laughing) (Laughing) On a very cold and rainy July 27th afternoon, we decided to give fishing the Upper Gallatin river a shot. Having fished accesses upstream many times before we chose some place new. Surrounded by private bison grazing land the stretch of the river at the base of gallatin canyon seemed relatively un fished. […]

Get to Know Your Seafood from Ocean to Plate

[ music and rushing water] [ music ] Narrator: We all know seafood is important for a healthy diet, but do you know where your seafood comes from? Here’s something to think about the next time you’re choosing seafood. The United States is a global leader in responsibly managed fisheries and sustainable seafood, so when […]

Health Benefits of Fish oil | Best Food Tip | Educational Videos

health benefit of fish oil, effective for type 2 diabetes fish oil aids for diabetic patients by reducing the triglyceride levels and therefore protect them from cardiovascular diseases good for pregnant women the D HA found in fish oil supports the development for bargains at the baby such as brain in the eyes good news […]