Using Fish Skins to Treat Bears Burned in California Wildfire

I don’t think all the animals with the severe burns that we’ve seen here could make it on their own. If you look at the literature, treating wild animals that have experienced this degree of burns just hasn’t been done, at least it hasn’t been written up and shared with other people. The bear, I […]

Greenpeace Greenwire: Kaitlyn Organizes for Sustainable Tuna

My name is Kaitlyn Trent, I’m a senior at Bowling Green State University, I study envrionmental policy and analysis with a specialization in environmental law, and I’m a volunteer for Greenpeace! “Hey is this Jess?” “I’m actually calling today to say thank you for signing our petition recently…” My social life, it kind of evolves […]

Lara Gill | Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary)

My name is Lara Gill and I’m studying a Bachelor of Education Early Childhood and Primary and I’m in my fourth year at Australian Catholic University. I chose to study at ACU primarily because if offered Early Childhood and Primary Education in the same degree. When you walk into the science labs it’s a very […]

GRWM, a glow up of sorts aka me being the most chaotic beauty guru ever for 6 minutes straight

grwm glow up catfish noo stenning a levels gcse uni advice

UMass Amherst Women in Science: Phillipa Gill

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Phillipa Gill. I’m an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department. I research computer networks, and specifically, I look at measuring internet censorship. After my first year of undergrad, I went and did an internship, and the first thing I had to do was write a little networking client for a streaming […]


My name is Jessica Gill, and I am a senior public health major with an emphasis in community and population health at West Virginia University. When I was younger, I decided I wanted to become a doctor because I wanted to help people and I thought the only way that I could do that was […]

How the Gill Affiliate Network (and a 116-pound dog) saved one UK patient’s life

>>NARRATOR: Meet Sarge, a rambunctious young black lab famous for the destruction he causes for his owners, Myrl and Leslie Sizemore. >>MYRL SIZEMORE: It’s like what’s this dog going to chew on next. Sometimes you want to kill him and other time you want to love on him. He is a big baby. He tears […]

Jonah Herring: Student Success Spotlight

My name is Jonah Herring, I’m a junior and I’m majoring in Marketing. I really wanted to major in business because, growing up, I was always on the the labor side of businesses. I really never saw the the back side or the behind-the-scenes that really goes on but I would always ask questions and […]

Dr. Emmett Gill – NCAA and professional athletics

(music playing) Dr. Emmett Gill: My focus here at the university is primarily athletic, I know, a great deal of my work does focus on intercollegiate athletics, whether it’s policy issues, whether the issue is Title IX, substance use, an array of NCAA issues, but I also look at different issues in professional sports. I’m […]

Ferris First: Bobby Gill

I’m Bobby Gill and Ferris is my first choice. I’ve been told that I’m a little too involved around campus I mean if that’s a thing. So, the things I’m involved in around campus would be my fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. I’m the external vice president for that which is in charge of fundraising, philanthropy, […]