WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK!?! My pet aquarium fish

oh Where’s Frank is Frank dead r.i.p? Frank Frank Frank Frank We want to see frank give us Frank show us Frank in your next video proof Frank is still alive This is what I’ve been dealing with for the last few days hundreds if not thousands of comments Just like that so in today’s […]

2,000G completed – Aquarium gallery UPDATE!

All right, how [I’m] going to do today’s update so this week in the aquarian gallery has not only been a tremendously busy weekend We accomplished it in a whole lot, but we also did four videos this week, so in today’s update I thought I’d bring you up to speed with what each video […]

2,000 pound great white shark swimming off coast of Florida

Massive 2,000-pound Great White reaches the Florida Keys after the 15ft shark was tracked swimming down the US East Coast and ‘pinged’ off South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach. A great white shark that weighs over 2,000 pounds and measures 15 feet, 5 inches long has been swimming along the US East Coast. The female shark has […]

MERMAID swimming in SHARK water!! Beach Day at the Backyard Lake with Adley and Baby Niko!

DON’T GET CAUGHT!! Adley reviews Shark Bite pool toy with Mom (mystery guest)


This isn’t as bad as it seems this past Tuesday We went live and silts the two thousand gallon for the first time or at least we started to fill it after I got about Ten inches of water in the aquarium though. I discovered a week where does at least from though well There’s […]


(screaming) – I at least counted three. – Whoa! Holy, she almost killed me. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Look at this basketball! – Did you show them how we set up, play cereal basketball? Oh yeah! Made a basket. – Can you make a basket? – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. Guys, […]

OPERATION: GIANT AQUARIUM | Subnautica – Part 20 (Full Release)

Hey, Kevin! Are ya ready for some fun filled adventures under the sea?? *WAPISH* Top of the morning to ya, Kevin *Cute Kevin montage starts* *Magic trick* *Cute Kevin screech* *Cuddling cute Kevin* (Here some food for ya Kevin) :3 *Thumbs up!* Welcome back to Subnautica! Welcome aboard, Captain! Welcome one and all to the […]

My largest aquarium – the COSTS and TOUR

so today I want to talk about the largest aquarium that I currently have Now this is the largest aquarium that I’ve ever built nor is it the largest that I’m ever going to have if you guys know Me at all you’ll know that I won’t be able to keep this for too long […]


You guys ready for this? Hahaha, Today, we stock the 375 gallon planted aquarium with those 200 Rainbow fish. I must admit though, it’s actually over 200 red, uh, 200 Rainbow fish. About 235. A few extras were shipped which is a good thing with over 200 fish coming. I’m probably going to have a […]