Why Most Sand Tiger Sharks Die in the Womb

As humans, we tend to think of the womb as a nice, warm, safe place. But if you were a sand tiger shark, the womb might seem like the most dangerous place on the planet. I’m Anna Rothschild, and this is Gross Science. Sand tiger sharks are large sharks that live in warm and temperate […]

How a Shark Attack Survivor Invented Cage Diving

A lot of people would say you have got reason more than most to hate sharks and yet you don’t. Can you explain it?>>It was in a spear fishing championship that I was the reigning champion. It was a six hour competition. After four hours many fish had been speared and each one had bled […]

How Do Sharks and Rays Use Electricity to Find Hidden Prey? | Deep Look

We live in a world full of electric fields. Animals, plants — even the earth itself — creates them. But only a handful of creatures can actually sense them. Sharks — also rays and skates… a whole group, animals called elasmobranchs — can actually detect electricity Maybe it’s like feeling the presence of someone hiding […]

10 Facts About Great White Sharks

Here are some facts about great white sharks: white sharks are live-birthed, usually in litters of between four and seven individuals. Now they’re called pups, but when they’re born they’re between 1.2 and 1.5 meters! So that’s a pretty big baby. It takes a great white shark about ten to twelve years to reach maturity […]

How Cod Saved the Vikings

When I was in the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway, I came across one of the strangest sights I have ever seen: cod. [♫ ominous low tone fades in ♪] Hundreds of thousands of them, strung up on racks, [♫ ominous low tone fades in ♪] their stench blanketing entire villages. This annual massacre has […]