World’s First Moray Eel To Get On The Operation Table | Kritter Klub

A fish breathes with its gills But this guy does with its mouth Moray eel breathing because it’s missing its gills Just kidding they’re hidden inside With sharp teeth Look at its appetite I’m a carnivore! However..? Aquarist: It’s fresh, heh? Just have a taste This Moray eel has been rejecting to eat Aquarist: They […]

Kitten Dangles From Fishing Net On Mother’s Neck | Animal in Crisis EP31

Assistant Director : There there there!! PD : Is she there? There.. Is a skinny cat sitting crouched Seems like her body is twined around with something.. A little kitten is with her Upon approaching, she walks away PD : Oh no…! The kitten is helplessly dragged down by the mother cat The kitten is […]