Disable the Trap in Shark Bait – South Quarter Eel’s End – Basso Job – Thief 2014 Guide

To get to Eddy Levack’s office go near the objective marker and shoot down the boxes. Jump over the beams and climb up the rope, or shoot a rope arrow to the beam above you if there is no rope. Go into the office and roll over the floor trap. Go to the cupboard ahead […]

Annoying Orange – Double Rainbow Trout (Ft. Jacksfilms & Felicia Day!)

-Hey, crabs, hey! -We’re not crabs. We’re rainbow trout. -Oh, I assumed you’re all crabs, ’cause you all sound so crabby! [laughs] Krabby Patty. -Ah, fish sticks. -[groans] -(female voice) Heh-heh. That was funny. Oh, wait. I got one. Hey, hey, Orange, I think you’re the “zest.” -[laughs] Who’s the bigmouth bass? -I’m Gilly. Nice […]

Catfish City | Nerd Rocks W/Rogersbase, Hiimrawn, Emily Durrett, & Lee Reubenstein

Yo, welcome to Nerd Rocks. I’m the game master and I’m playing a game with people. These are them. Hey, this is Ronnie, Ronnie Donnie, Ronnie Donnie A. Hey, I’m Emily and I’m really happy to be here. Hi, I’m Lee. Yep. That’s right. Hello, I’m Roger and one time, I built a house for […]


June sure has been a busy month in the world of gaming, with Keanu Reeves stealing the show at E3, Norman Reedus creeping us out with his baby foetus and amidst all of that, some pretty stellar games dropping for the Nintendo Switch. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best from […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Fish Tank Prank

(Whip cracking) Michael: What’s up? What’s up? What’d you remember? (Geoff laughing) Geoff: I did– I remember something I did in high school. Lindsay: God. Ryan: Oh, no. Michael: Yep. Geoff: I had– Michael: Did they ever find the body? Geoff: I had this teacher in biology class, I’ve talked about her before; I won’t […]


Finally, on the last day, you will teach me how to fish finally well how’s it been soft this week fishing wise let me down over the ocean we haven’t really had a chance the first chance we had gotten this bigger fish in the ocean yep there we go energy is your pomegranates here […]