RARE Vietnamese Mountain Food in the Most Colorful Market in the World! – Bac Ha Market

what is this can we find someone who knows it doesn’t smell like anything I don’t know what to do from here should I take a bite I don’t think I should [Music] deepa the Lao Cai province down hours of winding roads hidden in the Wan Ling Chun Mountains lies the most colourful market […]

The Prettiest (and Tastiest) Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – Marion’s Kitchen

Pretty as a picture, Vietnamese cold rolls. Not only do these guys look amazing, they taste epic. Filled with goodies like sizzling devilled prawns, lots of fresh herbs and veggies. You might have gathered by now these are not your traditional Vietnamese cold rolls, or spring rolls, or summer rolls, whatever you call them in […]

Vietnamese PIZZA! Mekong River Night Market in Can Tho VIETNAM

hey guys it’s Mike Jen I am in the south of Vietnam at the metcon Delta at a city called gum Hill which is his capital of course first time in southern Vietnam very excited to be here and as soon as I got here which is about two minutes ago I was happy to […]