Eel fishing by trap | natural life of village people

My friend tried to catch the eel | my village | Countryside in Vietnam Part 3

chào các bạn bây giờ tôi đang bắt con sâu đục thân trên cây Sapoche nó là con sâu đục thân bắt cho anh Phung câu con Lươn cha nói ở đây Lươn rất nhiều kiếm thêm một con nửa xem Nhu bắt nó nó ăn làm chết cây được hai con cho Phung câu […]

Amazing Fish Trap | Village Kids Catching Fish Using Pumpkin, Earthworm & Mountain Dew Bottle

Expert village kids catching snakehead and cat fish using Pumpkin, Earthworm & Mountain Dew Bottle!! Amazing fish trap

Bà 5 vàm nao – CÁ LÓC HẤP ĐỌT BÍ


Fish curry w. coconut // Authentic recipe from Indian village // Meen curry Kerala style

[Music] hi this is beau under oath and authentic world food we are in a small fishing village in the south of India in Kerala recipe for today I filmed in this house where fisherman and his four daughters sleep the very typical ingredient for South Indian cuisine is a fresh grated coconut so today […]

Choosing a Fish Tank : Carbon for a Fish Tank Filter

Ok, the next thing we’re going to do is activate our carbon. Carbon is very important. This is activated carbon. It absorbs odors, impurities and chemical imbalances, so what we’re going to do, we’re going to grab it, and rinse it out. Activate it, charge it up. We’re going to get it rinsed out real […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : Cleaning Fish Tanks

OK, now sometimes what happens is your going to get an algae build up on the side of your tanks. Now the fish don’t care about that, they could care less. They probably even like it. But, we have the fishes so that we can enjoy them. So we want to be able to see […]

Laos Thai , Mekong Fish and wild Food in Morning Market

Hello. My name’s Phumjai from Amazing Food Channel. To day in Thai and Laos morning market in Mekong river at Tha Uthen District ,Nakhonphanom , Thailand. Weekend Market,Every Monday 06.00-11.30 pm. Local food in the market comes from Laos. as fish, bamboo shoots, frogs, crocuses, crabs, and wild foods of Laos. Agriculture and clothing Is […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Snails to Fish Tanks

Okay, now after our tank has been up for a good while maybe two or three weeks and we’ve got fish in our tank. They’re thriving, they’re happy, they’re eating, they’re doing all the things that fishes do. We should consider adding snails and/or algae eaters, Plecostomus. These not only add interest to the tank, […]