Japanese eels (Unagi) on endangered list, culinary delicacy under seige

Japanese eels have now been classified as “endangered” owing to habitat loss, overfishing and other factors. The freshwater eels, which are also called Unagi, were added to the International Endangered Species list in an apparent move to speed up industrial farming of the species. Japan is the largest consumer of eels, where they are commonly […]

Learn how probiotics can help you.

Welcome to Facebook Live on the Nutritional Weight and Wellness page. My name is Britni Vincent. I’m a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and most of my day is spent seeing clients one-on-one and we work on getting people to reach their health and wellness goals by figuring out what is the root cause of what’s […]

Webber Naturals Canada’s #1 Omegas

Omega-3 is essential for good health. Quality and purity is key. What’s more important is how it’s made. Webber Naturals Omega-3’s are 100% produced and tested for purity in Canada. and what is key Webber Naturals Omega-3’s adhere to IVO the International Verified Omega Program setting the world’s highest standards for purity, potency, and sustainability. […]

How to Combat Stress Naturally

if you have stress in your life and I say if doesn’t everybody I think so this is it is called vitamin code this is garden of life that’s one of my favorite companies garden of life they are a great company that makes very good pure products this is a raw B complex I […]

Fish Oil

Hey Misha, have you ever notice how fish have really good health? They never seem to have heart disease or memory problems or inflammatory issues like arthritis. What’s up with that? Well, that’s because they take fish oil Really? They have natural fish oil humans have to take fish oil So you’re saying Misha that […]

What’s Really in Your Fish Oil? Labdoor’s Market-Based Approach to Taming the Supplement Industry.

I have got four belly blasting supplements you can add to your diet- -many benefits of magnesium and how to get more magnesium rich food- -If you’ve been following my newsletter, you’ve heard me talk about probiotic- Supplements like vitamins, herbs and protein powders comprise 36 billion dollars in annual US retail sales. And it’s […]

Tips from Dr. Daniel Amen: Looking For Your Keys? Do This NOW!

[Intro Music] Dr. Amen: After being a psychiatrist for nearly 30 years, I find myself recommending natural treatments more and more. When we first started our brain imaging work on patients who have been taking a lot of medications, you know, I actually didn’t like how they affect the medications had on their brain which […]

How Good For You is Fish Oil Really? | FRONTLINE

>>NARRATOR: The third most widely used supplement in America is fish oil. The Omega-3s contained in the oil are believed by many to be essential for good health.>>DHA Omega-3 in particular is extremely important.>>NARRATOR: It also helps prevent disease, according to the man who heads one of the largest fish oil trade associations.>>There’s certainly ample […]

The Top 3 Nutritional Supplements Everyone Should be Using

bjbjVwVw Hey, welcome back to another segment with the Chiropractic Source. I m Dr. Marco Ferrucci and today s topic is the Top Three Nutritional Supplements that I recommend to all of my patients. It s very common that people are starting to go more towards a natural healthcare. They re looking for nutritional supplements […]

The Best Fish Oil Out There with Dr. Jeff Davis

nation but actually going back finding what the root problem was it started all that mess in the first place getting the right supplementation giving the right vitamins the right ingredients to make your body work properly again how many people love the effects of the Phyzix MD like Calm and Clear Just for Her […]