Herring Cove Provincial Park

hi guys welcome to this week’s my Halifax my name’s Adam Cooper if you’re new to our YouTube channel we make videos all about the fun and cool things you can do in and around Halifax this week we’ve come to Herring Cove Provincial Park or as we call it locally the “Look Off” and […]

GRWM, a glow up of sorts aka me being the most chaotic beauty guru ever for 6 minutes straight

grwm glow up catfish noo stenning a levels gcse uni advice


Just smells like vinegar, red vinegar, bottoms up everyone!.my name is joey Ah! Good day everyone! and welcome to todays video which I’m so freakin’ excited about because I am a huge fan of the show shark tank. uh which if you don’t know what it is , where ya been livin? Probably in a […]

We got soaked by the dolphins | Georgia Aquarium | Life in America | AMWF | Vlog #4

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock We decided to take a spontaneous trip to the aquarium woooo whoooo That’s what Margaret really wanted to do is to see me Nemo we haven’t seen “fishies” in 3 years We went on a date here a while back for my birthday and Margaret really wanted to go back so […]

Americans Eat KOREAN PENIS FISH & LIVE OCTOPUS | Seoul Street Food Market South Korea

We have octopus that is still squirming and then it’s been topped with sliced penis fish. Penis fish. Penis fish. Ok. OMG. It’s like…… It’s a squirter. What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now we are in the GwangJang Market in Seoul, South Korea, and it’s dinner time. It’s a traditional street food […]

【VLOG 005】吃了一隻兩斤的大龍蝦 | Best Seafood Supermarket In Edinburgh

Today I would like to have some lobster I found a decent seafood market when I was exploring this area yesterday It’s fresh and cheap, £21/kg (2.2 pounds) Look, there it is Eddie’s Seafood Market The market is ran by a family from Hongkong I like the design of the menu The prices are clearly […]