Tourists Try Dutch Herring

Amsterdam Calling…so pick up! The Dutch have quite a few foods that are unique to their country. And one in particular is probably the most devisive between people either loving it or hating it. and you know what that is?…. Herring! So we thought it would be a fun idea to ask to ask some […]

LƯƠN NƯỚNG LÁ CHUỐI – Grilled eel wrapped in banana leaves – MIỀN TÂY VLOGS ✔

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HUGE Taiwan Seafood Street Food Tour – CRISPY Crab & TASTY Oyster Omelette at Taipei Night Market

(sizzling) (jazzy hip-hop instrumentals) – What’s up, cuteas? We’re currently at the second most popular night market here in Taipei, Taiwan. Today, we have one goal and one goal only and that is to eat as much seafood-street food as we can and judging by the looks of this market, I guess you can say […]

Girl Falls Into Aquarium

we’re showing Parker the glass floor [Music] good morning everyone it’s our first official morning in Canada and it’s almost not morning as they’re gonna see because we are from California which is a completely different time so anyway we’re gonna go check out the CN Tower and the aquarium and stuff I’m not quite […]


Finally, on the last day, you will teach me how to fish finally well how’s it been soft this week fishing wise let me down over the ocean we haven’t really had a chance the first chance we had gotten this bigger fish in the ocean yep there we go energy is your pomegranates here […]