The right way to kill a fish

This is the most humane way to kill a fish. Stabbing it in the brain, and cutting it open to bleed out. I know, it looks gruesome, but trust me, it’s better than the alternative for the fish, and for you. Most fish are killed the same way: Scooped out of the water, thrown in […]

How David Blaine barfs frogs

The magician David Blaine was on The Tonight Show recently, promoting his new special. He does 9 minutes of amazing card tricks FALLON: “This is what i’m talking about, man. What is going on, David Blaine?!” And then he sets up his finale… BLAINE: “100 years ago there’s a guy who converted his stomach into […]

India and Sri Lanka’s violent fight over fish

I’m here in one of the weirdest pieces of land I’ve ever been flying my drone over the Indian Ocean. There’s a battle going on out here. It’s not a battle for land or for people. This is a battle about fish. One fishermen was killed and five others injured after Sri Lankan Navy opened […]

Why Atlantic fish are invading the Arctic

As many as half of Earth’s species may be already migrating to escape warming temperatures. Plants are inching northward and so are many animals. The Arctic ecosystem is particularly vulnerable to invasion. Scientists aboard this research ship are hunting the most important fish in the Arctic: polar cod. Mixed in with the Arctic fish are […]

The Middle East’s cold war, explained

The Middle East is one of the most complex regions in the world: Currently there are 4 failing states and 3 wars, with major powers increasingly taking opposite sides. Countless armed militias and terrorist groups are spreading violence across borders. The region has seen conflict after conflict going back well into the 20th century. But […]

The real secret to sushi isn’t fish

Whole Foods? Refrigerated section by the fish on ice. 7-11? Beside the fruit cups in light syrup. Trader Joe’s? By the packaged sausage. It is everywhere. But as sushi made its way into foodies’ hearts across the globe, one thing has persisted in making sushi sushi. And it’s right there in the name. The word […]