Catfish Fishing on Crankbait and Topwater Belly Lure/ Wels Angeln auf Wobbler/ Улов на сом

– I’ve to go down there. – The whole lure is in his mouth! – Good job, Katya! – Is he a good one? – Yes. – Let’s see! – Very good! – Nice! – Katya’s catfish. – I had to pull him out myself! – She caught him but I had to come down […]

Bank Fishing for Catfish & Live Strike of a Big One/ Wels Angeln vom Ufer- Livebisse/ Риболов на сом

– Tsetse! – Fish! – Did he attack well? – Yes. – Where can I take him out? – Looks like he’s hooked on the head. – But also in the mouth. – Honey! – He’s badly hooked! – Baby catfish! – Stay quiet, honey! – Back to the water! – Swim away, sweetie! – […]

Catch & Cook Ep. 3: CATFISH 11 KG/ Angeln und Kochen von Wels/ Хвани и Сготви Сом/ Pesca de Siluro

Come on! Did you catch one? Nice! Hold it! Is it a big one? Yes. All right! Big one! Beautiful! Good job, Tsetse! Super! Well done! It inhaled it. Hold on! Very nice; well done! Come on! Caught on handmade lure Realwobbler Fat XS covered by real Nase skin. Yes, let’s see it! With chickpea […]