The Toxic Blue Lagoon of Buxton

It looks inviting, but you wouldn’t want to swim in there. That is dark and lonely water. It looks toxically blue, and it is. It’s alkaline, it’s got a pH above 11, it would be like swimming in dilute bleach. Not enough to cause immediate injury, but enough to irritate your skin and your eyes […]

Andørja world record expedition, behind the scenes – Small Fish Stories

-Yes, I am trying -Hey Joel, are you free to talk right now? – Are you doing good? – Did you miss three bites!? Really? – That was Joel, it doesn’t look too good right now – He missed three sharks today. And it has been perfect conditions. – As it looks, the weather will […]

갑오징어낚시 탐사를 삼천포로 다녀왔어요!봄갑오징어낚시 선상낚시 갑오징어탐사낚시 fishing squid

Finally came out! Today is Tuesday, March 3 Today is my first time driving I am going to Samcheonpo I’m nervous and excited It’s wrong to drive long distances First time driving I don’t drive well for over 30 minutes. But it’s really big courage Fishing makes people like this I’ve been driving for two […]

Aquarium Zen Fish Room Tour

hey Benson speech through people it’s Ryan here I’m in the middle of my new fish cave I hadn’t set up the 9tl yet but I’ll get around to it that’s not why I’m here when I’m here to talk to you about I just got back from Seattle Washington where I went to the […]

[독일교환학생일기🇩🇪] Ep19. 안녕, 나의 마지막 교환일기ㅣ교환학생 짐싸기, 교환학생 송별회, 교환학생 마무리

moonRnight’s Germany Exchange Student’s Diary! About a week is left before I go back to Korea Since I bought so many souvenirs for my friends, I decided to send them to Korea Before I go back to Korea, I decided to meet all the friends I made in Germany The first hero was Allison…I will […]

Caddx Turtle V2 Ratel Hybrid l NERF WAR KID | NERF GUN DRONE BATTLE video | They call me FRED 🔫🔫

I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks I wore black and he wore white He would always win the fight Bang, bang He shot me down Bang, bang I hit the ground Bang, bang

Missouri Record Fish Stories – Largemouth Bass

NARRATION: Fish stories come and go, but the good ones, the real good ones; they stand the test of time. In 1961, Marvin Bushong caught this 13 pound, 14 ounce largemouth bass on the Pontiac arm of Bull Shoals Lake. It became the Missouri state record, and remains so to this day. Lana Bushong: Well, […]

When Bull Sharks Attack

Number 6 Matt Bowen In 2009, Matt Bowen was diving off the coast of Australia when a bull shark brutally bit into his leg. 24-year-old Bowen was exploring a wreck when the terrifying attack occurred. He’d initially thought that his diving partner was playing a prank on him. Bowen then turned around to see that […]

Fly fishing for rainbow trout – Ardaire springs angling centre – kilkenny / waterford 2019/2020

Welcome back, Visited the lakes twice over the Christmas, and on both occasions it was fishing competitions, On the first, the winter ligue elimination I was 4th with 11 fish, On the second, Philip Adcock Christmas Memorial Cup 2019, I got the biggest fish of competition that was a rainbow trout weighting 11 LB 13oz… […]