Salmon, Steelhead, Bull Trout Streams Forest Practices Act Rules: Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Oregon Department of Forestry! In this video we’re going to talk about the Oregon Forest Practices Act rules for salmon steelhead and bull trout stream protections. So, these SSBT stream rules apply to the area west of the Cascades and north of the Siskiyou region. Protecting fish and clean water […]


If there ever was a fish worth talking about It’s all the various kinds of trout The native brook is a sight to see With that blood red color on its belly The orange red color of the brown trout Should make you wanna shout Have you ever seen beauty such as this In some […]

Best Trout and Salmon Fishing in New Brunswick

(gentle music) – The thing I like the most is that most of our staff, whether it’s a guy doing layout in a cut block or whether it’s a contractor, those guys are the same guys who are usually out on their time off on the weekend fishing and hunting. And they care. They really […]

Returning the American eel to the Susquehanna River Basin

Aaron Henning — I’m an aquatic biologist for the Susquehanna River Basin Commission. We’re at Conewago Creek in Dauphin County helping the Conewago Creek initiative with a fish survey. The stream is undergoing a lot of habitat restoration as well as having native American eels stocked into it by myself last year. So we did […]

Farming Fish in Open Ponds

(lively music) – [Voiceover] Increasingly, the fish that consumers buy begin life in hatcheries, and are reared in ponds such as this one. Throughout the Eastern seaboard, a new industry has been developing, aquaculture, the raising of fish under managed conditions whether in net pens, cages, tanks, or open ponds. Private growers and government agencies […]

The main difference between aquaculture and aquaponics

Hello aquaponics growers. This is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics. So my aim is to help you to grow sustainable, healthy, and tasty food locally in your own backyard, thanks to aquaponics. Today, I would like to talk about the difference, the main difference between aquaculture and aquaponics. So aquaponics is a combination of two techniques: […]

How to Make Your Aquarium Water Look As Clear As Air

Hi. I’m Steve Poland. One comment I’ve gotten a few times since I started this channel is something along the lines of: Wow, what filter to you use? Your water is so clear! It looks like your fish are swimming in the air! Where is your water? Have you taught your fish to fly? And […]