When Bull Sharks Attack

Number 6 Matt Bowen In 2009, Matt Bowen was diving off the coast of Australia when a bull shark brutally bit into his leg. 24-year-old Bowen was exploring a wreck when the terrifying attack occurred. He’d initially thought that his diving partner was playing a prank on him. Bowen then turned around to see that […]

What Happens To Fish During A Hurricane

(thunder booms) – [Narrator] Normally when a hurricane is barrelling towards us, we tend to run the other way. But not Isla, she’s a leatherback turtle who was meandering off the coast of Virginia when she accidentally swam straight into Hurricane Florence. Scientists were worried she’d get caught up in the middle of the storm, […]

VTG’s Video Aquarium

(Music Plays) (Music Ends, Waves Rolling) (Waves Ending, Classical Music Plays) (Music Ending, Waves Rolling) (Faint Music Playing in the Distance) (Classical Music Grows Louder as Waves Decrease) (Music Continues as the Waves Start to Come) (Music Ends) Octopus: (Giggles) (Classical Music Starts to Play) (Music Ending, Waves Rolling) Octopus: Bye Bye! (Rolling Waves Continue) […]


1995, disaster strikes the West Coast of California. Damn! 1998, despite efforts made by the authorities, the scourge strikes again. God damn! Punta Kaka Beach remains threatened by the beast. Impossible to fight it. The victims have piled up… Only one man was able to save Punta Kaka. Day 1 Come on! California Beach. Punta […]

Nearly CHOMPED by a SHARK!

– Alright Coyote, so I think we need to talk about what everybody wants to know… How close were you to actually getting chomped by that tiger shark? ♪Fire♪ ♪A fire on the mountain♪ (fiddle music) – What’s going on Coyote Pack? And welcome to another episode of Base Camp. Now this one’s gonna be […]