Visiting the “Katabon” of Guangzhou – Huadiwan Fish Market | China VLOG #1

Hello everyone Welcome to Aquartia Hope everyone is doing good You guys know that right now I am at Guangzhou, China I have been invited here at the China Live International Aquascaping Contest to represent Bangladesh. I will show you more details of this event in future videos In today’s episode I will take you […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : How to Dismantle a Fish Tank Filter

OK, now we’re going to talk about filter maintenance. What you?re going to want to do is, after your tank has been up and going for about three weeks. Now depending on if you’ve got a lot of fish, the filter maintenance is even more crucial and you?re going to want to do it more […]

Escabecheng Lapu Lapu Recipe (Filipino Sweet and Sour Fried Fish) | Chris Urbano

From Maputing Cooking HQ Kitchen in Manila, here is Escabecheng Lapu-Lapu Okay, Escabeche time So, we’ve got all our ingredients right here and I’ll just throw them one after the other. And first would be garlic and ginger And because this is a sweet and sour dish, we’re going to put in sweets first, those […]

Binging with Babish: Fish Tacos from I Love You, Man

Excuse me, you guys finishing up here soon? Oh, no… Sorry Chief, we’re actually staying for dinner. No actually, I already have a dinner plan with my fiancé. No dude, this place has the best fish tacos, in the world, literally ranked! Gotta have one. It’s the pico de gallo, man. Use your hands, we’re […]

Visiting a floating market, fish farm & Cham Muslim community in Chau Doc, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Today is day three of our Mekong Delta Tour and we have just finished visiting a fishing village and now we are going to be visiting some of the other communities along the river. We’re just cruising down the river and we can see all of these different floating homes. Today we are visiting the […]

Japan Travel Guide: Osaka 大阪 – Kyoto 京都 – Nara 奈良 | The Travel Intern

Hi we’re going to Osaka! Behind us is the Osaka Castle and other than the main building itself there’s a very large park around here where millions of people visit every year So we’re at another pet cafe and this cafe is a little bit different because we have reptiles! Other than lizards, they have […]