Easy Trout Recipe Organic Homegrown Veggies #fishstewFilipinostyle

Hello Guys, Jazz Me & U in FL. USA here This is the trout fillet from the other video entitled “The Way It Is Here + Masarap na Haul” So this it guys.. I will cook this big trout fillet into two different recipes. Bake for my husband while Fish Stew (Filipnio Style ) for […]

Dash Compact Air Fryer Fries / Easy Camper Van Cooking & Vegan Recipe

Well hello everyone, this is Amber with Story Chasing, and today I’m coming to you from my Hymer Aktiv tiny kitchen, and we’re going to cut up some potato fries in my new Dash compact air fryer and show you how I stay healthy on the road. So we need a knife to cut the […]