Baby Turtle Savin’ is a Hobby!

– You guys are used to seeing me catch enormous mud dragons, turtles that weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. Let’s just take a look for a second at a baby snapping turtle. (epic music) What’s going on, guys? So one question I oftentimes get is, “Does Coyote Peterson have any pets?” Earlier this year, […]

Click to Rescue this Turtle from Traffic!

(dramatic music) – What are you doing? You’re right in the middle of the road! Do you realize how dangerous this is? (gasps) Come here, oh, buddy! Okay, we gotta get you to where you were going. That direction, come on! (animal snarling) They say that the country roads of West Virginia will take you […]

Gill And Herman Have An Open Talk | Season 2 Ep. 3 | AMERICAN GRIT

– A lot of people– I hear whispers. And they’re scared of you. They’re intimidated, because they know you’ve got– you’ve got this tenacity about you, you know? That’s a good thing. It’s all in a good way. I’ve been an underdog my whole life. And that’s, like, even going into this. Like, am I […]

Shark Cage Submarine for Great Whites!

(dramatic music) (splash) – Believe it or not, this was potentially the most dangerous step of my entire life. Oh, and did I mention this was an experimental craft? Jump in, and miss grabbing the cage, you sink, fast. (splash) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (light music) (sound of waves) Welcome back to Guadalupe, Mexico, the […]

Gaviota argéntea – Gaivota-prateada – Herring Gull – Larus argentatus (laridae)

Finnmark, Sørøya – A scenic trout paradise!

After driving, flying and a boat-ride, we are finally on our way hiking on Sørøya We are walking towards Krokvannet, our first camp Will be nice to seep…its close to midnight any mosquito?…Oh, yes..plenty for all of us Now the camp is raised close to Krokvannet Its passed midnight, and I’m very very sleepy… Tomorrow […]

Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

hey guys thanks for tuning in so I’m gonna try a bill Lake for ice fishing this pathway here is really tapped lots of traffic it’s an it look easy accessible lake so a lot of people come and drive down on this road and then walk on the ice so it’s pretty nice I […]


Many people don’t realize that porcupine are excellent climbers, but they are! The most humane way to dispatch a live animal is not with primitive weapons, but the modern gun. Quick and painless. We will need a hot fire to cook with this primitive technology. We are going to make an earth oven, and that […]

Will A Soda Tab Catch Fish IRL?

Hey chicos ver esto. Estoy en el centro de la cultura polinesia en la isla de Tahití Y estamos aquí pescando y tienen pequeños anzuelos de pesca que hacen de los clips Pero se les acabaron los clips, por lo que [estaban] tratando de Jury-Rig nuestro propio con un soda Tab ahora No se si […]

What is the Modern Carnivore Diet & Lifestyle? (Learn to hunt, fish and forage for food)

[Mark:] I’ve always tried to be thoughtful on my food choices, whether it’s buying minimally processed options or other natural food items, but when my wife and I became parents, we took it to a new level and started buying organic and natural whenever we could and one of the things I kept hearing when […]