Tanigue Fish Steak ala Bistek Tagalog (Filipino Fried Fish Stew with Soy Sauce and Onions)

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy. I am Vanjo Merano. Today we will be cooking a fish steak using a “Tanigue” (Kingfish) which we will cook similarly to a dish called Bistek Tagalog. That is why we have called this dish as Tanigue Fish Steak ala Bistek. These are the ingredients that we will be using for […]

HOW TO: Fix BROKEN or CRACKED aquariums

Hi everybody, joey here again and welcome back. So in today’s video I’m going to show you how to repair a broken glass aquarium. This video will concentrate on tanks that are cracked. If you are looking for how to fix a leaking aquarium, I previously did a video on how to reseal and aquarium […]

Pomfret Fish Fry Recipe | Fish Fry Recipe | Indian Fish Recipes

Click here to subscribe Aparna’s Recipes And click on bell icon to get notification of new video Scroll down to give feedback on video and add your valuable comment in comment section. Hi Friends, I am Aparna… You are welcome in Aparna’s Recipes Today we will make one of famous fish dish.. Pomfret fry Friends, […]

How to clean aquarium, change water, goldfish fish tank, 30% water change weekly in Hindi

Hi! Most welcome in Ravi Aquarium channel Today I will change 30% water so lets do it Arrange before you start aquarium cleaning water bucket container Gravel cleaner Algae scraper Beneficial bacteria and Chlorine remover Now I am going to start aquarium cleaning First I will change 30% water now I will remove sponge filter […]


Yeah Laughs Shall it stay in that Its irritating so much Bring it on bro …. Raj:come on Venky Alok:Bring it on which fish you want big or small Alok:Bring big one Raj:Its not listening to guruji(Venky) Raj : is the knife sharp enough ? Alok:Super sharp Raj :Hey Kid there is no water here […]

Increase Dick size & power at same time – Dick enlargement formula

Hi guys, welcome to natural cure tips. today, i am going to make your penis long, and strong. and also i will boost your sexual stamina. Because men’s sexual stamina depend on the power of penis. And penis power depend on your diet. today i have a penis massage formula, this formula will increase the […]

Shorshe Pomfret – Fish Recipe in Bengali Style

Greetings Friends! Today I came with another new recipe. Today’s recipe is Pomfret Fish with mustard powder or sauce. I have taken 3 Pomfret / Paplet Fish. I have already put some mustard oil in frying pan. Let the oil heat meantime let’s check out the ingredients. We need 1 Onion chopped, 2 table spoon […]

Bengali Style Fish Biryani | फिश बिरयानी | Rui Macher Biryani Recipe by Ananya

Hello and a very warm welcome Today we will make a unique dish Rohu Fish Biryani We eat Rohu Fish almost everyday as Macher Jhal. Today we will make a Rohu Fish Biryani I will need the Rohu Fish pieces marinated in salt & turmeric powder. Just like how we make Macher Jhal, same way […]

Bengali style fish curry | Shorshe Bata Diye Mach er Jhal | Mustard fish curry recipe | Fish Recipe

hello friends you are welcome in another mouth watering session from Letscookeat Bengali food is known for its taste aand is popular all across India well our today’s recipe also belongs from Bengali Cuisine and is popularly known as Bengali Style Fish Curry so lets not waste any time and quick start the process lets […]

Village style Fish Curry Recipe – Katla Fish Curry। Special Katla 🎏 CURRY।।

Welcome in Samvida’s Kitchen Today I am going to share the recipe of Fish Curry. It’s very delicious and I have tried here to cook this more delicious by portraying the video in simple & easy steps. If you like this recipe of fish curry of mine Then do like share and subscribe my channel […]