Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya | Latest Punjabi Movies 2016 | Jassie Gill & Gauahar Khan

“You ripped it apart.” “My love from your heart.” “Now two relationships between us ain’t pretty.” “It’s love and enmity.” “It’s love and enmity.” “I cried a lot reading your letters.” “Now I just keep staring at your memories.” “I just keep staring at your memories.” “In your heart.” “In your heart you had so […]

Siļķes tartars ar rupjmaizes kraukšķiem / Herring tartare with rye bread crisps

Herring tartare with rye bread crisps Hello, my name is Kristaps Jokmanis What do you think if we prepare today herring tartare I will serve herring tartare with rye bread crisps I have a slicer that’s why I can slice the bread in long and wide slices I will dry it and break in pieces […]

Mere Kol Reprise cover by Mann Bali | Prabh Gill|| Mann Bali| English Translation|

You will Cry You will Regret and Will Feel Sorry, and ask for Forgiveness even by touching your ears with Hands u will cry u will Regret Will Feel Sorry, and ask for Forgiveness , even by touching your ears with Hands Your day will seem like a dark night to you ”Mark my Words” […]

“Move” – An original song by Carter Lynn Gill – My first song

It’s raining, it’s pouring I can’t see any eagles soaring, oh Hear me out, hear me out The wind blows, the earth shakes All I see is heartbreak Oh God, where are You now? Where are You now? God, we need You! We need You to be You We want You, want You to move […]

Nowe rybki! Cierniki czy cierniczki? || New fish! Three or nine spine stickleback?

here they are our new inhabitants Three spined probably or nine spine stickleback we are going to see them closer in few moments Hi, it’s Mikołaj, coldwater aquariums As I promised before If this movie is uploaded for our goby we are going to catch a roommate we will hunt for three spined or ninespine […]

Apistogramma borellii ✔

Less known than other Apistogramma, Borellii is a very beautiful aquarium fish. You want to discover him? So let’s go! Apistogramma borellii belongs to the family of Amazonian dwarf cichlids and order of percifome. Small tropical freshwater fish native to america South we can find him in brazil, in paraguay, and in argentine. He has […]

Kingsland Catfish Festival in Georgia

Hey, it’s Joe Talentino with CoastalCompanion.com here. I’m with Tonya Rosado, Executive Director of Tourism for Kingsland, Georgia and we’re gonna talk a little bit about the Catfish Festival going on this Labor Day weekend. How ya doing Tonya? Hi doin great! -Tell us a little bit about what’s gonna be happening at the Catfish […]

Recombinant DNA (rDNA) | Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2018

Whether you are in a field, in a supermarket, at the pharmacy, it is very likely you are surrounded by genetically modified products. We’ve all heard of them. But how are they made? RECOMBINANT DNA What do all these organisms have in common? DNA, which carries all of our genes. If all organisms contain DNA, […]