Winter trout fishing – 300 hours of fly fishing

Easter Friday. Super quick stop at the river It’s quite cold. – 6 or 7 degrees Even though we have little bit of sunshine it’s cold. So we are not too hopeful. But it’s always worth to try. I think I go for something small and black. Loops on the rod get frozen, because it’s […]

Wintertime Fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish in Charlotte Harbor

Wisconsin Trout Season Opener – Driftless Fly Fishing

[Music – Acoustic Guitar] [Music + Rushing Water] Good Morning. Opening day. Wisconsin trout season. this is the spot where Ive dropped in opening day of the past four seasons. uh, so Im going to get in here. there was some really bad flooding we had last September. um, so a lot of things have […]

Ice Fishing: Catch Trout In MINUTES!

– What’s up everybody, welcome to the show today, and on this episode, we are recording from the ice! – And we’re going to show you how to catch fish in just a few minutes. (dramatic music) Step one in your ice fishing trip, get the adequate equipment. – My first piece of equipment would […]