Carp Fishing – Keep Catching In The Cold!

Back when I first started fishing winter was a time where I just thought carp didn’t feed It was wet cold miserable and I just didn’t think it was worth getting out there and trying Winter was a time where I would sit at home and tie rigs and prepare for the following spring In […]

Simple Strategies for Catfish Fishing

a few subscribers asked about catfish fishing so let’s talk about three tricks today. number one I found this point with the drop off to its left BIG catfish loves hanging out there this photo shows this spot even better the water is deep nearby, so I use that Asian style fishing pole for its […]

Winter Trout Stocking – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[kid humming] CALEB GOMEZ IS FISHING WITH HIS GRANDPA. How many times have I been fishing? Actually, about 20 times. THEY’RE TAKING PART IN TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE’S ANNUAL WINTER TROUT STOCKING PROGRAM. Here they come! There they go! We’re at Bull Frog Pond in East Metropolitan Park which is the site of Neighborhood Fishing […]

Winter trout fishing – 300 hours of fly fishing

Easter Friday. Super quick stop at the river It’s quite cold. – 6 or 7 degrees Even though we have little bit of sunshine it’s cold. So we are not too hopeful. But it’s always worth to try. I think I go for something small and black. Loops on the rod get frozen, because it’s […]

Rapala Pro Guide | Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

That is a nice rainbow trout. They certainly have their own will. Ice fishing for rainbow trout and char Welcome to today’s episode. Today we are ice fishing in Botkyrka. With me is one of Sweden’s major profiles, Berra Mårdh. We will try to fish some salmon trout, char and rainbow trout today. We will […]

Lake Michigan Trout in Milwaukee Harbor on Spawn Sacs

What’s up, everybody. I’m about to go fishing, and I’m going to Milwaukee, and I’ve never caught fish there before, but you know, you gotta try try try, that’s what happens when you try and catch 50 different species of fish in Wisconsin. They’re supposedly brown trout or steelhead or something in the harbor, and […]

Uttarey Trout Breeding Center Fish Video – West Sikkim Beautiful Destination East Incredible India

At the trout breeding center in Uttarey This is a rainbow trout hatchery cum fry rearing unit Rainbow trout is popular in Western cuisine It has tender flesh and a mild, somewhat nutty flavor Farmed rainbow are considered one of the safest fish to eat and are noted for high levels of vitamin B and […]

Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

hey guys thanks for tuning in so I’m gonna try a bill Lake for ice fishing this pathway here is really tapped lots of traffic it’s an it look easy accessible lake so a lot of people come and drive down on this road and then walk on the ice so it’s pretty nice I […]

FLY TV – Chasing Sea Trout

Hi, I am Niklaus Bauer. – And I am Daniel Bergman. You are watching FLY TV and today we are doing this: Hi and welcome back to FLY TV. I am Niklaus Bauer from Fly-Dressing. This is my good friend Daniel. Today we are going to fish sea trout in the archipelago of Stockholm. It […]