WorldFish TV SPOT on Small Fish and Nutrition

Ours is a fish-land, We enjoy eating fish, ‘mola’, ‘dhela’, ‘chela’, ‘darkina’, Father buys small fish, we know, Give us small fish, mother, Ours is a fish-land! We need proper nutrition in childhood, We enjoy and eat small fishes as they are very tasty, Mother ate small fish when she was pregnant, Even now, when […]

Multiplex: Men and Women: Female Leaders in Body of Christ – Deborah Gill – Cape Town 2010

>>Our third model is the church making room for women in ministry. When the church was born on the day of Pentecost, restrictions against ministering personnel changed. Ministry was no longer the domain of one tribe, the Levites. Nor of one family, that of Aaron, nor of one man, the high priest. The Holy Spirit […]

A Tribute to Gill Dalley of the Soi Dog Foundation

I don’t think too many people achieve their goals, their aims, their dreams… um, and I’m not one of those people who’s going to go to the grave thinking “what if?” There’s nothing I haven’t seen I don’t think. You get dogs with their jaws wired up so they can’t eat or drink. Dogs set […]

Heritage Minutes: Jennie Trout

Send them home! Get rid of them! Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. And so, this organ, which I regret I cannot name because of the presence of these members of the weaker sex. Who, although they are married, could not possibly endure… Get them out! Patience, Jennie. Patience?! Get them out! Dr. McFarland! Mrs. Trout. There’s no […]

Zap Tharwat ft. Amina Khalil – Nour | زاب ثروت وأمينة خليل – نور

A loud alarm clock startled me awake The interview day reminded me of my first job Many competent engineers are striving for this position All of which have minimal life experience The last CV remaining belongs to “Nour Abdel-Karim” An old page from his diary fell from the application file Nour is the eldest among […]

How to increase your breast size at home! |SaySwag

Let me show you how to enlarge you breast size. At home how to maintain your breast healthily. How to uplift those who has sagging breast. I have separated in 3 section let me explain this. Fenugreek will be very useful to enlarge the breast size Similarly it help to tighten the breast. Take some […]