How aquarium sumps are made

so today I’m back in Detroit with my man brian baer check, and he’s [taken] me [to] a very special place to [his] free to his friend Steve Bashi Tell me how you know this guy and what we’re about to see literally I’m not kidding you Steve Used to come into a pet shop […]

Intense Fish: Kayak Fishing 15 Cutthroat Trout in a Hour from a Mountain Lake

(Laughing) Oh yeah, I caught him right here! (Laughing) Fish on! (Laughing) Dude, again! On July 30th we decided to get up early and get out on the water with our kayaks before the sun came up. A lot of the locals say that Hyalite Reservoir is lousy fishing but we wanted to prove that […]

Tyler Mitchell Impresses Judges With Vince Gill’s “Whenever You Come Around” – American Idol 2019

Hey ya’ll Hello, that’s a man right there . So what’s your name? Tyler Mitchell Tyler? will you come here for one second real I just want to touch your hand and see how small my hand is compared to your Hand, huh? How tall are you? Six four. Yeah big boy. I got a […]

Kayak Trout Fishing at Quarry Lakes

what’s up guys this is quarry lakes in Fremont California it’s shaped like a horseshoe and some locals just told me that most of the big fish is on the other side so I’m gonna head over there and try to catch some big fish let’s go guys we are deployed guys huh which first […]

Shirlene & James Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

(knocking) – Hello? Oh, here’s somebody. (door opening) Uh, how ya doin’? – I’m nervous, really nervous. – Nervous, okay, well that’s okay. I think we’re all a little nervous. – (whispering) Who is he talking to? – (whispering) I don’t know. – Why don’t you come out? (door closing) – (whispering) What — stand […]

[CC] Bill Jensen shows up on Shark Puppet’s live – SHARK PUPPET INSTAGRAM LIVE STREAM – 9/19/2019

[indistinct speech] – Yeah, go watch! What’s up, what’s up, cutie? I have bad Internet over here, huh? Go watch it. – Where are you at? – Hey, baby! – What? – Where–where are you at? – Where am I at? I’m chillin’. – I’m gonna find you. – Bill, I might be finding you […]

San Pablo Reservoir Trout Tournament Season Opener 2018

look at this he’s gonna fool me he’s gonna spoil me dude he’s falling I got four pound tests he’s pulling me look Oh yo what’s up guys we are here at San Pablo dam reservoir we’re here for the trout tournament we’re waiting at the gate to get in got here a little bit […]

Lower Foster Lake Trout Action.

Closed captioning of Fishing Saskatchewan has been provided by Great Western Brewing Company. Please enjoy responsibly. [music playing] Hey folks, welcome to Fishing Saskatchewan. On today’s episode, we’re at Beaver Lodge Fly-Inn in northern Saskatchewan on Lower Foster Lake. And today, were going to be targeting lake trout, and in this lake, there are lake […]

Lake Trout Tackle

We’ve got a couple hours to sit here at the lodge. And we just want to show you guys some of the things that we’re using chasing these big lake trout around the lake. Yeah. So we got a big selection here of lake trout gear. We have rods, reels, different types of line, lures. […]