San Pablo Reservoir Trout Tournament Season Opener 2018

look at this he’s gonna fool me he’s gonna spoil me dude he’s falling I got four pound tests he’s pulling me look Oh yo what’s up guys we are here at San Pablo dam reservoir we’re here for the trout tournament we’re waiting at the gate to get in got here a little bit […]

Lower Foster Lake Trout Action.

Closed captioning of Fishing Saskatchewan has been provided by Great Western Brewing Company. Please enjoy responsibly. [music playing] Hey folks, welcome to Fishing Saskatchewan. On today’s episode, we’re at Beaver Lodge Fly-Inn in northern Saskatchewan on Lower Foster Lake. And today, were going to be targeting lake trout, and in this lake, there are lake […]

Lake Trout Tackle

We’ve got a couple hours to sit here at the lodge. And we just want to show you guys some of the things that we’re using chasing these big lake trout around the lake. Yeah. So we got a big selection here of lake trout gear. We have rods, reels, different types of line, lures. […]

Interview Scene | Deadpool 2 (2018) Funny Scene

Supposedly she’s Terrific meets bedlam cool named superpowers I can distort electrical fields Including the one inside your brain causing anxiety confusion pain So basically you’re Dave Matthews we can use him I Was aight guys Cool. I like you say you have the power to put your finger on the pulse of society No, […]

Down the Rabbit Hole | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Hello. Hi. Hi. I’m Neave. I’m very nervous. How are you? That’s all right. She’s out there? Yeah, she’s out here. Say hello. Hi. Hey. How are you? What’s the big deal? How are you? I’m a little anxious and nervous, but I’m better. Absolutely also the same for me. Okay, well I’m … This […]

Love for Lennie ft. Tallulah Willis | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Is this a Lyft? They’re stopping. Oh, wait. Is that him? Yeah. That’s some … Hey, Chelsea. I’m real. Hey. Nev. Lennie. Hello. Hi. Well, welcome. We’re all a little surprised. Yeah. Why? I mean there were some things that … Yeah. …might’ve seemed like maybe it wasn’t gonna be you coming outta the car. […]

Fishing for Trout at Lake Chabot’s Raccoon Point Dock

it don’t really like that that’s a hit yeah yeah this thing takes a little worth someone said fitted you get a bike nigga nice dude he’s fighting though was that a car bait nice dude nice crew oh yeah it is it is different about extra socks so use socks man socks work I […]

Slaying Trout Lunkers with my UltraLight BFS in 60 minute

yo what’s up guys we are gonna do a suburban trout giveaway we’re gonna give 6 spoons away right now so comment below like this video follow me on Instagram follow suburban trout on Instagram you must be a subscriber to my channel good luck guys five the small one is five pounds three ounces […]

Catfish City | Nerd Rocks W/Rogersbase, Hiimrawn, Emily Durrett, & Lee Reubenstein

Yo, welcome to Nerd Rocks. I’m the game master and I’m playing a game with people. These are them. Hey, this is Ronnie, Ronnie Donnie, Ronnie Donnie A. Hey, I’m Emily and I’m really happy to be here. Hi, I’m Lee. Yep. That’s right. Hello, I’m Roger and one time, I built a house for […]

Kayak Trout Fishing at Lake Chabot

yo what’s up guys we’re back at it at Chabot! I’m heading over to Raccoon Point. let’s go guys! yo what’s up guys we are at raccoon point raccoon point homies out here al ready fishing they have a couple on and let’s see what we can get Music Any luck? Nice! Power bait? Yeah! […]