Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you make a wish in three in two in one (party horn, laughter, applause)

Izhaar ( Official Song) ~ Jeet Gill | Punjabi Song 2018

Starting Music Do not do so Gorgeous Afraid From God You Are Blessed With Unimaginable Beauty Talk With Eyes Face Like You are Rare in This World Your Charming Lips are like sugar There are gossips about you everywhere Wheather awaken or sleeping AnyOne Tell me What Should i do I See You EveryWhere I […]

Sleek Sixgill Shark Spotted…Again! | Nautilus Live

Yeah, you can note that he has that scar on the right side You can get the lasers on him Yeah! Oh yeah Now we can get some scale Pretty cool He’s just doing a little dance! Yeah, he’s giving us a little show That’s great Great shot The Argus view is really cool, to […]

Jodie Whittaker was nearly killed by a VENOMOUS spider filming Doctor Who | Graham Norton Show – BBC

Talking of frightening animals, though… Jodie, you were filming in… Where were you, South Africa? Yes. We did a bit… Yeah. This was Doctor Who in South Africa. This season, yeah. You had a proper terrifying encounter. Kevin would not like this. Yes, so… I’ll try and speak slowly so everyone understands. We were filming […]

Richard Herring: Crucifixion Surprise Party – Set List: Stand-Up Without a Net

(guitar music) – Welcome to Setlist ‘standup without a net’ live at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. (crowd cheers) – Where some of the UK’s favorite comedians are coming on stage with no preparation whatsoever. We’ll tell them what they’re going to be talking about in stand up created in the moment and under pressure. – […]

Susan Gill – Towergate Care Award Sponsored by Markel Finalist 2019

She’s just amazing, she’s so caring and passionate and giving, and she’s described by our service users as an angel. She’s just done so much in the community for the homeless people. I’ve been working since 2007 Neighbourhood Watch and we used to go out giving crime prevention items out, and I’m seeing more and […]

Episode 2×01 – The Miseducation of Vincent Ranieri

– [Narrator] Previously on Herrings. – So how would I keep a man like you from finding a man like me? – Basically leaving a false digital trail. Simple misdirection. – There’s been talk this guy is keeping people off the grid by providing some kind of falsified information. – That man standing next to […]

Dear Hate – Maren Morris feat Vince Gill

Dear Hate I saw you on the news today Like a shock it takes my breath away Falls like rain, cover us in drops of pain I’m afraid that we just might drown Dear Hate Well, you sure are colourblind Your kiss is the cruelest kind You could poison any mind Just look at mine […]

Disrupt EUC Las Vegas 2018 – Craig Herring, Kinney Group

(motivational music) My name is Craig Herring; I’m a Principal Architect for a small Windows company called Kinney Group, and we deal with automation, spunk, app dynamics. I primarily do infrastructure services, so I’ll do a lot of things around VCR and the facts VRA, so a lot those technologies, some a little bit of […]