Mix Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Amazing Benefits

We are always on the look out for all-natural alternatives to over-the-counter or prescription medication. It seems that we found one in lemon juice and olive oil. In today’s video, we will discuss the health benefits of mixing the two. While you’re not going to cure major diseases when drinking olive oil and lemon juice, […]

Losing Sleep? All-Natural Ways to Fall Asleep and Get High-Quality Sleep

Welcome to DrAxe.com. I’m Dr. Axe. Today I want to talk to you about something I came across here, an article I was reading recently on how, if you don’t get enough sleep, or get good quality sleep, it can actually take years off of your life. Now sometimes I’ll bring up how important sleep […]

How to Stop Oil Films On top of Aquariums

VISIT MY FISHKEEPING WEBSITE: http://www.everydayaquariums.com Aquarium Oil films are relatively easy to remove or minimize. They are caused by a number of reasons. Over feeding can cause excess oil to come out of the food or out of the fish! Some oil will always come from fish however and another reason could be that your […]

How to Make Your Fish Grow Faster

Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, and if you’re like me, one of the most enjoyable parts of the aquarium hobby is buying juvenile fish and watching them grow. But do you ever wish those fish would grow a little bit faster? I know I do. So this week I’m going to share 3 easy ways […]

Judge Judy ‘attitude’ highlights 4

I don’t want you to say a word Personally, I got listen to me. I don’t want you to say a word your honor It doesn’t matter don’t care about that that has nothing to do with them you go This is not hey, who cares car was given to me as a gift in […]

HOW TO MAKE CINNAMON HAIR OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH | Natural Hair #Cinnamon #hairgrowth

Hi you’ll this is ife of ife360tv I was just about to make a video I try my best to come up with something new and different. I went to the grocery and bought a bunch of these cinnamon sticks. It’s not Christmas. You know we associate the scent of cinnamon with Christmas time, I […]

How to Solve Common Fish Tank Problems | Aquarium Care

Common fish tank problems would be your fish are sick, they’re not eating, the fish’s eyes are cloudy, just general health concerns of the fish. To fix that or to solve those problems you’ve got to look a little bit deeper. Let’s find the exact cause. Let’s see what’s wrong with the fish. Is it […]

The Keratosis Pilaris Diet: Start Eating These Foods Today!

If you have KP, it�s important to understand that your diet may play a big part in not only the amounts of your outbreaks, but their severity as well. While it�s not been completely proven, some people think that food can affect keratosis pilaris in many different ways. Changing up your diet in hopes of […]

How to Tie a Fish-Finder Rig

Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about one of the most commonly used rigs for putting bait on the bottom. This is used in freshwater, its used in saltwater, shallow-water, deep-water, it’s very universal. It is called a slip-lead rig, some people call it a fish-finder rig. The concept is, you want to […]